now because of the entrepreneurial environment and policies of a good, especially for some college students entrepreneurs launched a lot of very good business measures in Hubei, Wuhan appeared to make people admire student entrepreneurs, create an extraordinary entrepreneurial myth.

Open Benz, have come to where the assistant with Zhen Xiao Long quite fan boss. As everyone knows, he is a graduate of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, a graduate of architecture.

assets from zero to ten million yuan, the purchase of two vehicles over one million yuan of luxury cars, owned more than and 30 stores, attracting 200 students to follow…… To achieve this, the town dragons took only two years.

"talk" to the

Business College

net new supplies wholesale

he carry a portable briefcase, a 16 open Notepad, 4 mobile phone standard. Every day there are a variety of negotiations, talk about the eight or nine day is the norm, the phone is not enough to bring a few basic." Town dragons bluntly, the current team of specific affairs have been handed over to other people to perform, his main job is responsible for negotiating with some important customers.

2013 summer vacation, he intends to make their own efforts to earn tuition. Like many college students, he decided to start with quilts, bed sheets and hot water bottles. Others stand stalls, he will engage in wholesale. In seven, in August, he bypassed Hanzheng Street traders, found more than 200 manufacturers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, crustily skin about the lowest price, in addition to eloquence, people are the most valued Wuhan million students market".

All aspects of

into entrepreneurship students to take the lead in big brother

The team is up to more than and 200

Wuhan college students to earn two million assets into a business case

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