string incense joined the project has a good space for development, but want to get a good income is not so simple. It is necessary to have high quality delicious dishes, but also have mature management skills. Want to store certain Gregory, to do the store management is very important for the content of some of the investors is not very understanding, today we have to look at the string of incenses franchise management experience.

is the first store to join Chuanchuan Xiang Taiwan’s clear division of labor: a reasonable division of labor is the premise to ensure the production of kitchen, kitchen layer should be according to the condition of production, facilities and equipment layout of treasure post, and then according to the function requirements and job preparation made clear, the formation of words, a hand, so that each employee clearly their duties, the constitution into what to work, who is responsible, should be clear.

The second is

and supervise the system of constitutional system after the establishment of good: according to the operation situation of Chuanchuan Xiang stores to gradually improve, staff reward and punishment and other sensitive provisions should be clearly defined.

then the management: the rational division of labor, sound system, equipped with high-quality staff, good operation in order to make it. Only with rich work experience, a solid foundation of art, theory of effective combination, then instill the idea of operators, produced in order to achieve a breakthrough, the formation of style, but also in our daily life is easy to communication and coordination.

fourth is the cost of direct material cost management: in addition to the supervision and inspection, the price of good quality, the use of waste is also a reduced size delivery cost.

In order to make

see these, you are not understanding what Chuanchuan Xiang franchise business skills.? Learn innovative entrepreneurship, so that your string of incense stores in the fierce competition in the market as soon as possible to gain a foothold!

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