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website as the most headache? Not the site does not flow, but to see a lot of traffic can not make money, it seems to be working in a bank staff, every day there were millions of money, but are not the same as their own, so increase website traffic conversion rate became a problem for many webmaster must overcome the so, many owners began to start upgrading website optimization, website user experience and so on, but after a period of time, but found the reality is so cruel! What is causing the stationmaster failure? Not work diligently, but awareness is not correct, improve the conversion rate of the object is not a flow, but the flow behind one of the the user, so the user is the key to improve psychological marketing, conversion rate.

1: personalized psychology

as the main force, network 80, 90’s personality is very clear, so these attract mainstream users, they must make their sites have different characteristics, many sites do not know the user’s psychology, in order to save money on the network Amoy some free template, but greatly weakened the personalization of the website, thus fundamentally lost much of the current mainstream users sought after, although these users occasionally because the content of your website to visit your site, but you want to let them become the users of your site will become very difficult, so as a webmaster, in the construction site, the site should be taken into account personalized, not only from the website design, but also the pursuit of personalized web content, personalized from the outside to the inside to be able to really attract the mainstream of the current Internet User.

two: the pursuit of new things, new concepts of psychological

The development of the Internet

change rapidly, when the beginning of the last century, the instant messaging QQ turned out, opened the public chat network first, and the advent of WEB2.0 era, more is to allow users to become the master of the Internet, the network has become worthy of the name sharing platform, brilliant colors, diverse cultural construction of the Internet, a a new concept, new applications and new gameplay, emerge in an endless stream, the new technology is the intersection of the current mainstream users are very concerned about, from the blog to micro-blog to WeChat, so many Internet users enjoy the pursuit of new concepts, so as a webmaster, if you are still immersed in the original broadcast operations, instead of using a distributed operation it is very difficult to make, the current mainstream users become loyal users of your site. The community website has is one of the most important applications, but maybe two years later, and there will be the emergence of new applications, and if you don’t know innovation fusion, it has been very difficult to succeed.

three: follow the trend of psychology is the constant nature of the Chinese people

is the essence of Chinese ancient times follow have, when the trend of the phenomenon of Ma Ji’s satirical sketches, and we have this age difference of nearly thirty years, but if we observe the behavior of people around us, follow the trend of the heart has not diminished, when said green beans can cure all diseases, mung bean record prices high, garlic, ginger.

The low conversion rate of the counter attack sales strategy tactics

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