has not written anything for a long time. Thank you for your support. The previous article "learned 4 years, the computer has done 2 years of valuable experience for the webmaster". I hope everyone will read it and give you some advice.

‘s previous article mainly introduces 7 points of experience, now review

1: the website must be timely filing! 2: site layout as far as possible the use of CSS+DIV, the website pictures as little as possible! 3: saving investment in people, is the most wasteful! So buy space must be careful Oh! 4: after the establishment of the new site just don’t rush to join what advertising alliance (this search the engine is not love oh)! 5: the best sites have their own original things, also have no original false original! 6: pay attention to not the development of a friend, CMS station system is also a good choice! The most important 7: no matter what you do is insist on honesty, win


said the last time I started my business! Or to help others do earn living in college fees! Also helped school art department changed the website! 2 months of summer vacation is over! In the summer vacation I went to test the driver’s license! 2 months to get a driver’s license in the car! The process is also in to the local network to the Internet market! Look I found this small city portal big 2! Also think the potential is too small or the development of the attitude of holding try spent 3 days to think about how to attack the local portal


idea 1: local portals must be close to the people!


idea 2: my local web site to give people a very warm feeling, let people enter, do not want to go out, that is, to have their own characteristics,


idea 3: now the city is in the community as a unit, my website can also be like this (here does not understand people continue to see, not urgent)


here I suddenly flashed a word "Quzhou residential occupancy of your small network"! So the second day I registered the domain for the space program selected the phpwind! 7.5rc! After 20 days for the record down! (now no mistakes!) to re design the section on the website fully reflects the concept of "Quzhou area".


followed by SEO and promotion,


describes how the local portal network is promoted under

promotion experience 1: use the local bar to promote

!In fact,

local network promotion forum Forum on the development is not crucial, but brief! Should first and the local Baidu Post Bar or some other popular good website links. In our place, Baidu Liangshan is the hottest online community, the county almost did not know, and I began to direct advertising, the results will soon be blocked account and IP address. So we don’t go to hair advertising, and.

Studied 4 years, the computer has done 2 years valuable experience of stationmaster (two)

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