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industry investment has advantages and disadvantages and disadvantages are: B2B industry portal market is too small, in the eyes of investors, even if you do better, all of the market are occupied, also can imagine how much you can profit, not much imagination. The advantage is: because of its small, so many small investors are given certain entrepreneurial opportunities, 30-50 yuan will be able to start building an industry portal, maintained for more than 1 years, and can be opened after a year to achieve self losses, this is a can let many grassroots entrepreneurs choose the way of business, though said the market is small, but every year 100-1000 million in sales, the profit of 30%-50%, a small company is still a considerable return, although this is a great company is far worse, but at least it can achieve our dream.

"do industry website with the office of the university is a reasonable, rich university comprehensive, and have no money; and the school to engage in professional, such as a special school, or even College of traumatic injury". Global network hardware general manager Li Jianhong believe that the future development of the situation will also be weak vertical selection, strong selection level, but not the level of development to the Alibaba, which shows that the scale of HC, reducing the threshold for our actual B2B website industry entrepreneurs created opportunities, is a choice without too much money for entrepreneurs is very good the.

industry B2B website investors are generally more familiar with their own industry, even if they are not familiar with, also need to venture partners, the core team members are familiar with the site of service industry, B2B industry is the first industry website, the website again. At present, most of the investors have their own industry, want to find business expansion, invest hundreds of thousands of, in their familiar industries to do an industry B2B website. At present, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area is more common, many investors are such a situation.


that the investment behavior has advantage and disadvantage, advantage is that they understand the industry, have good relations in the industry, can find more support for the development of the website, can understand the industry need to solve the problem of Web site, in-depth industry, to find suitable and innovative service mode has great help; disadvantage is often so many investors on the Internet, the lack of in-depth understanding, understanding is not enough, resulting in the great problems of team building, personnel appointments, resulting in product platform to do the poor, thus the failure of investment, or take a lot of detours. So often that investors must choose the right person, is crucial to the formation of the core team, once the wrong person, the whole project is likely to fail, because as an investor, because he is not very good at this area, and can not control the risk. Too many risk factors inside this, various aspects of site planning, website development, website design, web site testing, website promotion, marketing, website operators and industry users demand analysis there are risk factors, so we can find a deep understanding of B2B industry site planning and operations, or to manage the people are very heavy.

Where is the investment value of the light industry website

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