don’t know what to say, has been inside the A5 diving for a long time, have not published what symbolic articles, ha ha! We can not to my master ah, I’m out of his rookie! Not even a complete website, webmaster in this world, I am a a passer-by! Has been very low recently, also did not say why, may want to leave today and friends say some words!

I learn is electronic business, until yesterday has for a whole year, yes! For a whole year, but I do not know what to learn! All in the eyes of outsiders, is so arrogant, laughing, very handsome! But who knows how much my heart is really tangled.! may be the last thing too much of it, was a little bear


don’t say these, talk about how I met A5! That is really a margin, 09 years after I am responsible for some professional web site promotion work, I know little about the aspect, so find some Adsense website to learn! Once, when I apply for a Baidu account and I fill in a username "admin" (don’t hit me ah, at that time I really do not know if this is the last tip, special administrator) is to keep the system account, can not apply for a look! No, I directly to Baidu, the first connection is Admin5, described below is the webmaster of the station network. At the time point in, since then I have time to go around the internet almost no time, when the mobile phone! So imperceptibly for half a year, has been a bystander, indescribable feeling, although I’m not really a webmaster, but here I witnessed a head of the history of their joy and sorrow are here! Oh, say so much nonsense, I hope you will forgive me well, my writing is not very good, when all primary school teacher let back writing back afraid of this shame ah…


promotion in the website, I have been looking for some good ways and methods in an attempt to walk around! But, eventually, the key is patience! Really, just do one thing, you must have patience to persevere, each method can persist if do peak extreme, that is good! A company to do a website, will find a very professional web designer, but the site it? It’s not just Everything will be fine., this step only, after the promotion is a difficult process. Now people in the society do a good grasp of a lot, very much, but what we really need is a framework of some innovative thought, dare to do, grasp the needs of customers is the fundamental


I’m talking nonsense, I’m not experienced only a little humble opinion about myself, I hope you don’t take a rookie into ha! Really hope webmaster circle of friends to me a little guidance, as a new, really confused! See so much experience experience and I don’t know if I should.

Webmaster such a new person should not give up

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