The Baidu

K and the number of stations, many owners in the future by Baidu K, the first reaction is not a reason to find their own station, why Baidu will K my station, why not others stand by K? But Baidu. Station was K, and we should make a good analysis of the reasons, I think if the station was K, there may be the following reasons:

a, a large number of new sites in Baidu post bar, know, etc. post.

solution: new sites, please do not go to Baidu, post bar, etc. in the post, or less (to control a certain amount).

two, in the station a lot of text, resulting in a short period of time to link spam flooding.

solution: the new station must strictly control the soft paper, January a few articles on it.

three, SEO transition, such as keyword accumulation, keyword density is too large, excessive use of H1 tags and so on.

solution: the new station is best not to have traces of SEO, keyword density is best to control to about 2%, or do a good job standing, honestly do is the best policy.

four, links have been K station, and by joint and several.

solution: insist on observing your link every day, once found to be K station, immediately clear links.

five, content collection, resulting in highly repetitive content.

solution: after collection must modify, such as change at the beginning, with their own words and so on.

I don’t know if there are any other reasons. Let’s talk about it and leave your opinion below. We’re not going to be Baidu K anymore. Oh, ^_^.

finally introduced my new station: games, leisure sites, to provide you with a large number of exciting fun games and popular MTV and good-looking short films and so on..

The reason analysis of Baidu K station

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