Hello everybody, I’m unlimited traffic alliance black, about the site traffic, small black has something to say…. Traffic is the core of the site, we should strive to solve traffic problems, there are alternative two ways:

is the first of many webmaster wrote, like post, bulk mail, QQ publicity, links and other commonly used methods, when we run out of these, especially in the beginning of the establishment of the owners, the IP is really much, but tomorrow how to do every day, so hard, maybe one day I didn’t what is not propaganda, traffic, how to do! This is a real problem, but also we want to solve the problem of solutions to the most direct way is to join the traffic alliance, many webmaster think it is late, but I think early into the sites have a certain role in promoting, after joining the league. The theory is 1 to 1 ratio of exchange rate, but it is not so, as long as there is flow union quantity problem we said, that day traffic is 100, access code in alliance Your website, click is 50, then your site has 150 flow, plus buckle quantity, probably in about 120, than the previous flow increases, this is the most intuitive, what we want is this effect, as long as you can put the union code and displayed in the appropriate position. I believe that for the novice webmaster is a leap, because we know that a direct method for the flow of.

second I said is to obtain a stable source, the new owners take myself, do is the movie station, now one of the biggest causes of traffic is basically fixed have 4 stable QQ group, which are the love of my website, but also through their own continuous publicity to the situation today the publicity process, very bitter, the need to keep to

!More than

so much, it can be considered the offbeat! I hope the webmaster can learn from you, I finally said that the website www.tudouwebsite.cn to welcome you to the infinite flow Alliance Group 6585336 welcome to join the discussion


Talk about the problem of website traffic again

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