after testing, gzip compression is too powerful, and would like to speed up the webmaster must try this function ah.

first map, we look at the effect.

test target: orange house beauty network browser, select firefox

this site itself, the picture is more, download speed is relatively slow, in this case, any method to improve download speed I have to make an attempt, in the online search search method, gzip is a lot of people are recommended.

server is 2003 of the server, iis+php+mysql environment, according to IIS6 loading gzip support documentation, I also set up the server, the process is not complicated, I’m a novice, 10 minutes to get.

The compressed file set by


is a local xp+apache+php+mysql environment without gzip compression.

after comparison, a 32K web page even compressed to 7K, compression rate of 76.4%.

, which provides gzip testing on the web, also confirms the function:

conditional control server, remember to open this function ah.

Pro test Gzip compression function

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