every day I get a lot of system mail in my mailbox. Some are status notices for online shopping orders, some are website campaigns, and some are social web alerts. I believe you also and I have the same trouble: why always so much spam! I drown out important mail! Sick!! do you have for our sake ah!! in fact, from the interactive interactive view of these messages, there are still many places of learning, as the saying goes: three of us are walking together, will have my teacher. Choose the good from it, the poor instead. So today we’re going to analyze these emails together.

Several concepts we first universal mail

(excerpt from the word Brown colleague Heidi Bowen — to email more awesome):

several important assumptions

1. few people are willing to read long mail – unless you tell him not to read it, and give him responsibility,

2. very few people are willing to do things without reason what special initiative can not do, unless the values are particularly good, love


3. few people will read your email carefully — never send an email to many people and expect everyone to read it carefully and find out what you expect him to do.

bad mail feature

1. is written in prose, long and boring, and expecting people to read – it’s unrealistic,


2. is not focused, but instead relies on the recipient to extract key information: time, action, and goal


3." causes email to be targeted – the book "influence" tends to dilute and disperse responsibility. The more people you send, the less valuable feedback you will have,

corresponds to this. A good email should give the receiver a quick look at what it is and what time I need to be done as a recipient.

we make a distinction between system mail: 1., unnecessary handling of mail (plain propaganda mail), 2. necessary handling of mail (shopping order status notification), and 3. optional handling of mail (social networking site, message reminder)

1. does not have to deal with mail (plain mail)


diagram 1

, this kind of mail is the most serious harassment to users. It belongs to pure product requirements imposed on the user. Maybe some users like to receive these messages, and some do not like receiving them.


want to improve the experience for users who don’t want to receive this kind of mail? For example, at the bottom of the message, there is a link to unsubscribe from this type of mail (Figure 2).



Web Analytics system mail experience design

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