not long ago, the stock is very menacing, this time change radically, and make up the financial crisis.

under the financial crisis, so that part of the enterprise is faced with a crisis, but also bring vitality to the part of the enterprise. For the owners concerned, how in the financial crisis will continue to steady and rapid development of the website has become an important topic now. The webmaster want to change this phenomenon and can not stand long. In other words, the financial crisis the regulation is to stabilize depends on the country and countries. As a webmaster, is to be able to do in the development of the financial crisis, in order to survive in the financial crisis.

wants to survive must have the development. The financial crisis in the webmaster don’t forget the old bank. In the concern and to update their web content. Add new content every day, every day to add new works. A successful operation of the website, the basic point. People need to eat, to the tree watering. Website as well. Only you take care of it every day, it can be a healthy growth of.

to development must exist. In the financial crisis, development is inevitable. But not only the development and forget the basic principle of survival. The website live from a website traffic and membership. If there is no flow no member, can not say that he is not a station. But it can be said that it was not a success the station is not an ideal station.

in fact, the financial crisis for small sites, personal station, the impact is not great. Just keep in mind that the webmaster webmaster, site should be no danger. What mentioned above the webmaster principle, explain.

slightly below

the basic principles of the station include the following:

1) do not do damage to the country, damage others station.

2) the content of the website is sensible and legal.

3) do not stand happy, do not stand sad

4) be responsible and have a basis for what you publish on your website..

5) do more useful to others.

is responsible for the website, responsible for others, the website can be responsible for you, others can be responsible for you,.

finally remind owners. The financial crisis is a challenge to the people all over the world, but also a test of the webmaster. Under the financial crisis, do not hurry to do their own thinking and realistic to think. I believe that you will stand no effect, but will be more on a layer of.

finally wish you webmaster can stand industry has become.

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