is now the domestic e-commerce is like a stone soup, because pay only the material, because rich and delicious. But don’t forget that only the qualities of selflessness are shared.

then share a little story: "stone soup", this is a true story.

Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo, all the soldiers in situ retired, many soldiers left with nothing whatsoever, in the long way home sick and died hungry. One day, a hungry soldier came to a village and found a very special stone. He had a brainwave. He took off his helmet and washed the stones by the river. He caught fire and made a stone at the entrance to the village.

has a good villagers think he is very strange, and asked what he was doing? The soldier replied: "I cooked in the world the most beautiful stone soup, because I have a strange stone." The villagers, of course, did not believe it, laughed at him and said, "you’re crazy. How could that be possible?"." The soldier said firmly: "if you doubt is not really delicious, I can give you a bowl of soup. However, you can’t drink my soup ah, you need a bit of contribution. Do you have any vegetables at home? Please bring them in the soup."

this soon brought vegetables, met his neighbor, said to him: "the village has a strange man in the boiling stone soup, taste good, want to have a taste? However, want to drink to contribute a little something." So quickly came three or four people, some contribute vegetables, eggs, and some contribute salt, spices, soup, more and more things, the aroma overflowed. Finally, the soup soldiers stirred said: "OK, those who add material can share a bowl of soup." Everyone after drinking, that taste is really not the same, the stone soup is amazing. The soldiers took the "magic" of the stone clean to continue on the road, along the way in each village to boil the soup, leaned on it safely back home.

there is a time and a friend telling the story, he said this is not you Sleight of hand? I said no, sleight of hand is you take what plunder past, you win others lose, even if you win others off. In fact, the market is large enough to share, so that we can make our enterprises do more. Today’s Chinese e-commerce like the pot stone soup, each vertical market can boil soup, the problem is, if you want to drink the magic stone soup, soup to boil the soup by who? In addition to outside resources, the result is that everyone can share.

and the development of e-commerce based on social e-commerce, that is, Social Shopping, is also true. In the wake of its prosperity, there are many issues that concern you, such as: UGC and social networking, social networking is called socialization, because it has a strong social. Discovery, liking, communication, word of mouth, participation (discussion, evaluation, grading), sharing, content, and relationships. All this is to make people like the goods more people

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