Hello, I’m A5’s professional link seller, my QQ is 88124886. Today we bring is a snapshot of the. In China’s market, Baidu is undoubtedly "big brother"; in the user groups, Baidu is definitely not lost in GG, so in China, Baidu’s SEO technology is the most popular technology.

stationmaster studies Baidu, make Baidu very headache. Baidu always wants outside to know its real algorithms and changes. So, as long as SEOER released the latest research results, Baidu will change the algorithm. That is to say, SEO technology, which is widely circulated on the Internet, is not necessarily the best technology.

we have to believe that all the best technology, can only be stationmaster friends privately, more and more webmaster master have learned low-key and earning money, after the encounter a hit search engine nerve core technology, are quietly in use, and quickly quanqian. A topic of our discussion today hit search project officially — "snapshot" nerve problems.

"snapshot" is not limited to a Baidu search, virtually all search engines have this function, or that such a state. That experienced 51 many friends all know, in May 1, Baidu snapshot to No. 23 before. And lasted nearly a week. It was not until last night that I returned to normal.

so, why there will be a "snapshot" imagine


the author believes that the first is the search for an internal setting that facilitates employee vacations and reduces personnel maintenance settings. Because every Spring Festival, 51, eleven or when a major meeting, one hundred per cent appear to file phenomenon. Correction of the object of the affected area is wide, and about 50% of the sites are affected, and lasts for more than a week time.

also has a search algorithm when the correction is inside the great adjustment of the emergence of the phenomenon of correction. Believe that experienced such a correction of the webmaster remember their own side of the webmaster friends complained that K stood for "top down" included "suddenly increased" "plucking" started the inside pages included "etc.. Have been mixed.

and "object snapshot" delineation of how sure? Two is a short term limit, given the high weight, included fast site, easy to spread the correction area; two is not get a very high weight, included almost no update, easy to be spread to file area. Some day included stable, stable update site, you can easily avoid entering the correction.

in this round of 51 correction, I told my customers a lot of exchange. Because some of the site’s author, unfortunately also entered the correction area; and my clients are some of the site is in the area for a long time without static correction. The customer is in a hurry. But in the face of powerful search, we can only remain silent, a ">!"

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