these days Ma’s "winter" get jittery, I also speak for the ride. I think Ma Yun’s theory of winter can be understood from three angles:

is an internal warning, crisis management and rehabilitation.

Meng Zi said, "he who was born in misery died in peace.". Ma Yun personally experienced the first winter of the Internet, learn the first winter lessons, may also have a lingering fear. In order to better nip in the bud, Ma needs to remind employees when the situation is not very good and prepare for the "winter".

Ma Yun once said "I have seen in the African desert elephants and lions starve to death, but has not seen starving ants", although he said that more is to listen to the customers of small and medium-sized enterprises, and Ma Yun will be more willing to Alibaba to ants instead of elephants, but the Alibaba is the elephant, this is an indisputable fact therefore, once the situation worse, the first to suffer are the elephant. This, I believe that Ma is very clear, so it is necessary to play a precautionary approach, closed the door to practice internal strength.

prevention is also a lot of small and medium-sized customers playing. Remind them to control risk.

"winter is not terrible! We are not ready! Terrible is that we do not know how long, it is cold! Equality before the opportunity, but the disaster is equal! Who prepare more fully, who have more chance to survive."

two is a smoke bomb for competitors.

Ma smarter than everybody, "he may not high wall grain" the old do not know, but in fact he did. "Last year, the grasp of the financing opportunities for listing, and let us have about two billion dollars in cash reserves for the winter.". At the beginning of the group, the strategy of "digging a deep hole, accumulating grain, doing well and not being big" began to be firmly implemented in various subsidiaries." The Alibaba has already saved $about 2000000000 in cash for itself. The holes have been dug deep enough and enough have been saved.

refers to the phrase "starve the African desert only elephants and lions without ants", Alibaba customer service to the tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, although the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered a global recession, although the China Olympic year although Fujian coastal Zhejiang dogged by bad luck, many small and medium-sized enterprises very careful, but we should believe that there may be a number of small and medium enterprises so drained, but there will be another batch of more adapt to the market of small and medium-sized enterprises, expand new birth. Because SMEs can not fall, the government does not allow them to fall. The stock market is a barometer of the economy Chinese said it is nonsense, the development of tens of thousands of the growth of small and medium enterprises, is a barometer of future economic Chinese. You see, the $about 2000000000 prepared by Ma Ma does not happen to come in handy? When the crisis comes to see the truth, I believe that after the trials and hardships of this wind and rain, Alibaba turnover may rise in a straight line.

so, Ma’s winter is about a little smoke bomb

Ma Yun winter on suspected recuperate wllp

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