some time ago to talk over the "summary" profit model analysis software download station today to come to talk about the operation and profitability of small game station, small game site is a website in the Internet more fire, especially due to the current 4399, 7K7K, xiaoyouxi and other small game website, excellent operation and strong profitability, make a lot of people are choosing investment game websites, and relatively competitive pressure is relatively large, so how many game sites and talent shows itself better profit? I of game network stations have concern and understanding of the previous operation 22KK COM little game site, as well as specialized engaged in the sale of small business website game program, today again with us to discuss the operation and profitability of a small game site.

small game site is more fun, when adding the game often encounter some fun little game to play on a few, best to manually add a small game, simple acquisition game general will make your website weight for the search engine is very low, on the other hand there will be a lot of junk games, these games is the very influence of the user experience, a game station must take this off, don’t let the garbage in your game station is everywhere.

in the choice of the best use of a small game program introduced in the middle page program template, click the link and enter this game content page, with a small game download page, so that to increase website advertising position, and increase your search engine and key antecedents, but when the login collection function is the best.

small game website promotion, one can search engine, two best have a good name domain name, three good user experience brings word of mouth effect, four through the client to promote. In front of several promotion needless to say, and other sites are nearly the same, here we can find out a successful example promotion game site through the client, you can use Baidu Search "game download" the first website, but a few years ago, Dortmund software download site is the site to download the game client, said the station through the promotion of web client, a daily flow of about one hundred thousand, the monthly income is twenty thousand yuan, now including 7K7K and other small game sites have many games through their own client promotion.

game site don’t worry can not find the profit model, as long as your site to do good, have a certain flow, it can make money, such as the 4399 game platform only through the blood of the three countries, business tycoons and other web games combined operations in the monthly income of hundreds of million, another small game site place Google advertising is a good choice, advertising matching degree is very good, then can use the game site promotion of some similar to the 131 game client CPA software like other advertising alliance.

above briefly introduced some small game website operation profit experience, I hope we can be inspired, I wish you good luck! Ha ha! This is UCW>!

Small game website operation and profit

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