divergent thinking, as the name suggests, is the use of a variety of perspectives, different angles to analyze things. Today, Weihai website construction company applies divergent thinking to the planning and management of the website. It can help us to make a better foothold in the Internet market.

site planning operation is a very important indicator of website optimization, it can promote the ranking of the site and bring huge traffic. But due to its optimization, how to optimize the website? In the face of this problem we believe a commonplace talk of an old scholar ear was heard a cocoon. Here but many say, no regrets and with divergent thinking to analyze, is paramount to the pure conception Website Optimization: the user experience as the core optimization web site. The most effective way to enhance the user experience is content is king.

of course, other things, such as the warmth and beauty of web design, are secondary. No abundance of the content is all nonsense to say. In the face of repetitive and stereotyped articles on the Internet, ideas, spiders, and readers have grown tired of it. For example, how websites operate, how websites make money, how websites are optimized, how to flow, and what we do today, we apply divergent thinking to the level of enhancing the user experience. We can do it the opposite way. For example, you can write an original theme is how the site operation failed, how the enterprise bankruptcy, not to cause website traffic, website optimization means… Of no avail. And believe these novel and unique theme will attract spiders and visitors. Today’s Internet needs innovation and progress. If everyone is stagnating and digesting the opinions of other people, the Internet will not develop very fast.

site planning is a test of human IQ work, the theme and quality of the website is worthy of special attention. For site planning guidance with divergent thinking here. U88 and other major chain website has been presented back development trend of the past few days, CCTV has led to rampant disclosure of the bluff and deceive the online form chain website into embarrassed territory said of an aged person. We want to seek a breakthrough, with divergent thinking to consider, since the market Chinese smoked, web site can be built to India, Vietnam, Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries, if you are unique, will be respected by many foreigners to join.

It is the best policy to plan and manage websites with divergent thinking, but only personal views, if there is anything wrong, please point out that

. In this thought-provoking, can open up a new way for us to step out of a new world, the ultimate success of

to glory!

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Why don’t you use divergent thinking to run websites

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