in any age, brands are the carriers for enterprises to establish market positioning and expand their popularity. In the Internet era, website construction will expand the influence of the brand to the user’s online life. Therefore, for traditional industries, including manufacturing, machinery, foreign trade, government agencies, and service industries, the production of high-end, professional website can not only greatly enhance the enterprise network brand image, more able to rely on the ability to spread the powerful Internet and penetration ability, to carry out a strong marketing network, to attract more consumer attention.

the author thinks, the influence that professional website produces to traditional brand basically has the following 2 respects:

1. Excellent web design promotes brand recognition

is the most outstanding web design works represent the most excellent image, once the enterprise not only enjoys a high reputation in the industry, but also has a high quality on the network, users’ name card "will have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding to the enterprise. In the era of Internet prevalence, the importance of the network can fully reflect a company’s forward-looking and user zero distance care, narrowing the distance between the audience.

two, high-end website construction is the basis of network marketing

The great effect of

network marketing has been recognized by more and more traditional enterprises, and to develop the network marketing, is a pressing matter of the moment website design, website promotion and will be posted to the Internet, to develop marketing programs effective attachment site, including search engine marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing and so on, through the whole orientation and channel marketing strategy, the best marketing effect, for the network marketing in the market opportunities.

with the penetration of the industry, clothing website construction, hotel website construction, government website construction, jewelry website construction and many other website production branch has formed large-scale benefit. According to statistics, in Shenzhen alone, the growth of Internet users has exceeded 2 million, and the number of online shopping has already exceeded 1/3 of the total number of online shopping in the country. In addition to more traditional enterprises to invest in new web design, the early establishment of the enterprise website also due to the needs of marketing, have chosen to update the old site, in order to allow enterprises to play a greater role in the website.

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The impact of website production on traditional brands

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