is now a lot of website content is very complex, this complex is not only reflected on the surface of the site, which is embodied in the code of the website, the chain code is too heavy and so on, many factors, complex navigation is not clear and the structure is unreasonable, chain imperfect constraints on the site in Baidu spider you know Baidu spider crawling on the site crawling is like crossing the road, if the car stopped, so pedestrians have to stop. On the website, the primary task of a webmaster is to streamline the station structure of their own, to create conditions for Baidu spider crawling, the following specific content to construct a website about how to streamline the site and create favorable conditions for Baidu.

streamline site code, creating opportunities for spider crawling

is too complicated site code is not conducive to the site, I line shortly before the two railway station, a railway station, the code is the use of JS, and the if code is produced, and a website code is the use of CSS layout, the different code technique created a different web site. This code is now using JS production site has not been included, second days and the CSS layout of the site on the line after the collection, update the article, the same creation chain, why the difference is so great? I think the problem is the code, I suggest webmaster friends try to use Baidu when doing the station as soon as possible to identify and spider mature code, code that is complex or less with my advice.

station pictures need to be streamlined, website construction picture less, better,

real website content is not the main picture, but the picture + text combination, and now a part of the webmaster to save trouble, a web site’s home page is the use of a large number of pictures, such as navigation with pictures, content or pictures, do not know whether the owners of these pictures could be thought of Baidu spider recognized, you must know that there is no ALT attribute is not accepted. I suggest the best website now as far as possible the use of text picture less form, now Baidu spider love or text, for the crawl collection is not very strong, a website if you want to get a better grasp and recognized Baidu spider, so the station must be reduced.

streamline station structure, the site is simple and generous, the best

now the webmaster for the site to look for ways to enrich the site to increase, increase the length column layout, but this is not true, to attract users to attract Baidu spider web site should be simple, do not know if you watch SEOWHY this site is not, a very simple structure of the site, but the weight PR and its website is very high, why? Because this site is not only the content of building well, love and its website structure also won the search engine spiders, if you are a spider, you are love grab those simple content or complex content > grab love

Streamline web content structure for Baidu spider road forward

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