section focuses on sharing how to use Baidu space to do the chain, this section we talk about, how to use Baidu space to get a lot of traffic. After the Wei Jianbo test, it was found that you could get a lot of traffic through several ways.

traces marketing: exchange visits, messages,

this is the most basic way to obtain traffic, no technical content, but also very easy to mass operation method. Where to pay attention: visits will leave traces of your visit in each other’s spaces. If you set up a beautiful head, this will attract more people, click your avatar. So as to bring your space not expensive flow. The exchange of visits mainly to those famous Bo, cattle Bo based, their space daily visits are enormous; message, we mainly rob sofa based, the general first screen of the effect is very good. Some space, in reading the article will also leave traces, so once again increased the exposure rate of your head, you can see the importance of space avatar.

triage: Article Title

promotion on the habits of the title of the article writing is very tempting, but the content is very dull, readers can see the headline hope for this article, but after reading this article and desperate. This is called the hope, the bigger, the disappointment is bigger, such article saw, was thoroughly despairing. This led to the emergence of the so-called Title party". For every article in Baidu space, here is a recommendation for the relevant article, which is shown by default, and, of course, can be set here and not displayed. What you recommend is someone else’s article in line with the title and content of your article. This will cause your traffic is divided may go, we can also use reverse thinking to do the title, modeled on some Hot Blog, Bullog title, our title and their close, let our articles appear in their related articles. Let’s divide their traffic to increase our traffic.

photo marketing: space album

space album, this corner is often abandoned people, people’s inertial thinking is often fixed in the text of marketing, in fact, pictures can also be marketing. For example, let’s turn on the Baidu picture and enter the keyword "beauty" as follows:


There will be a lot of

. Let’s take a look at it casually:


has many pictures in the lower left corner of the show "Baidu space" four words, we click to see, as follows:


in this album below, there are 456 pictures, this picture was visited 2254 times. Today is June 3rd, that is to say about a week by Liuhe >

Wei Jianbo talk about network promotion teach you to play Baidu space (four)

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