recently by a well-known venture capital business Xitade (Citadel) female investment in the industry vertical sites quietly open to discussion. Like Vancl’s crazy follow up 1 years ago, the Cocoren fashion network, which targets Chinese women’s lives, has attracted a lot of interest. From here, VC opens a new round of Vertical Women’s websites.

factor 1: her economic advantage is obvious,

she believes many people are staring at the economy, but now is the time. Careful observation of nearly one or two years of Internet development, you can find that her economic advantages are becoming increasingly evident. First, the number of Chinese Internet users and the degree of Internet development, and two, China is gradually becoming a luxury center.

the latest number of Chinese Internet users is 400 million. The State Council Information Office Director Wang Chen in May 1st for "on the seminar on the development and management of the Internet" Chinese said: as of now, the number of Chinese users reached 404 million; Internet penetration rate reached 28.9%, exceeding the average level of the world, the use of mobile phone Internet users reached 233 million people.

luxury goods last year, diamond bird, and develop the venture capital Cochran online mall is a reflection of the situation. In these luxury shopping websites, international brand, fashion, latest fashion jewelry, and even limited edition of jewelry, without exception, reach out to women’s purse. According to official projections, in 2009, China sold diamonds through Internet channels, accounting for about 20% of the total market share. CEO, Guo Feng, also told the media, "we have completed our annual sales target in less than half a year."." In fact, in addition to diamond, birds, LAN diamond network and other professional websites, as well as Taobao, Sina mall and other portals, there is no lack of career success of women involved. Last year, Chinese intellectual women on behalf of Yang Lan and international pop singer Celion · Dion established cooperation, including diamonds, precious metal jewelry, women jewelry network marketing company, to enter the female consumer market network. All this highlights her economic advantage, and when women’s Internet markets are able to support such expensive items as diamonds, the market is ripe.

factor two: the maturity of e-commerce to promote the development of women’s websites

The maturity of

e-commerce has promoted the development of women’s websites, and e-commerce has gained explosive growth in 09 years. Data show that my net purchases in 09 years amounted to 267 billion yuan, an increase of 90.7% over 2008. In 2009, 130 million users had at least one online shopping experience, accounting for 33.9% of all Internet users. It is estimated that China’s online shopping market will reach 490 billion yuan in 2010. More than 60% of city women have tried online shopping, especially in C2C online trading, where women and buyers are far superior to men in the main clothing and cosmetics business, a survey has revealed. Today, online shopping is becoming more and more popular today, traditional industries and IT industries

Vertical female portals are four major factors in VC chasing

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