a successful website, not only depends on the page design and beautiful effect, the content of the website and promotion degree is equally important, the three are indispensable. If the site itself is no problem, page beautiful, rich content is more important to see its promotion effect, a successful flow play absolute effect, users come to the site data quantity data flow level. How can you increase the number of users visiting the website, content and promotion play a decisive role, but blind promotion and modify their website content not only flow does not improve the effective but will achieve a multiplier effect. Since it is the promotion of course to see the effect of the promotion, according to the analysis of the data obtained after the promotion and promotion of rapid improvement and optimization of the site, so the site and data statistical tools are closely related.

currently statistics market statistics products, choose a stable, safe statistical product is very important. Good statistical tools can not only provide you with data display of website traffic, but also provide you with a clear statistics of user access behavior and interest points, which will provide a reliable reference for your future website upgrade. As one of the most influential independent third party data statistics and analysis service providers in the domestic Internet, CNZZ has always been known for its stability, integrity and speed. Recently CNZZ webmaster statistics conducted a large-scale product upgrade, the new version of the product in the webmaster statistics to the webmaster provide new interface and convenient operation experience at the same time, the access speed is more rapid, statistical analysis indexes are more comprehensive, more important is the site statistics will be safer and more stable. Below for CNZZ webmaster statistics, the new version of the special features for you to introduce, make you in the use of statistical products at the same time, better planning your own web site.

first of all, in the form of data on the interface to show a more comprehensive, and in the form of legend to make you more comprehensive understanding of your site’s current operations. The webmaster statistics should be user demand in the period of new access list function, you can understand their own website data and comprehensive information accurate detailed data to track every click track of website visitors and users.



search engine in the data of increased total search volume nearly 30 days, the main trend of search engine search volume nearly 30 days, you can not only see the search engine traffic proportion, can see the search engine to bring the flow of the trend, and using the line graph is more intuitive for you to show. You can according to the search engine statistical rate, as well as the keyword statistics, for the future site of the corresponding SEO optimization, so as to achieve the desired promotion effect.


antecedents analysis, you can clearly analyze the way you visit users and their traffic data, according to this data you can analyze the site >

The new version of the CNZZ webmaster statistics to help you become a good free pulse

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