the economic crisis, everything is changing, many things have become incredible, and points are not clear. Especially in the past two years, there has been a stream, has been called by the vast numbers of users: non mainstream


prefers non mainstream, mostly male and female students born in 80 and 90s. Because of age – based differences (including ways of thinking, knowledge structures, communication platforms, etc.), "non mainstream" is rarely accessible and understood by speakers of traditional media. However, this is not what they are neglected. In fact, their living space is very wide on the Internet, and various non mainstream websites are one of their base stations. One phenomenon shows that non mainstream web sites are beginning to be seen as a force that can not be ignored. Many large web site navigation stations are also starting to set up non mainstream web sites, such as hao123, to absorb these non mainstream sites.

I’d like to give you a few figures: the non mainstream Baidu index is more than 80 thousand, and the Baidu index for Mars is more than 50 thousand, while the Sina Baidu index is only more than 40 thousand. Through the Baidu index see, "non mainstream" has been in a high degree of concern, its related content page as many as about twenty million, all kinds of non mainstream content website is everywhere.

could not help but curious, recently in the online browsing about non mainstream things, startled, non mainstream has become the mainstream of reading worthy of the name, non mainstream things, lying in bed was very upset, no sleep, I do not know when I fell asleep in the middle of the night, but by those non by mainstream pictures with hair standing on end. Then produced his own non mainstream web site, non mainstream picture network

, when making this type of website, summed up some of the experience of doing non mainstream pictures of the station to share with you:

1, domain name problem, it is recommended to use COM meters. Weight is easier to do.

2, do picture station. The most important thing is to rely on high-quality pictures to attract more users to stay on the website. Let users in the need to find pictures of our site will have a certain impression. I have to go every day to find pictures, usually updated every day, published articles, best original or pseudo original, do not collect.

3, build non mainstream QQ group. Increased website impression and user experience. Later on, we should gradually popularize. Accumulate popularity.

4, making money for advertising. Do not let your new station stop advertising too much, and pay attention to user friendliness. No popups. I mainly put GG, IP and so on, you can put some CPA and other advertising, remember not to put the pop-up.

5, about friendship connection, add some QQ/ non mainstream webmaster group, many change for similar site, improve ranking, but the premise is Baidu included, now not included, included less station who do with you.

90 has become mainstream now, and we are these people

do some of the reasons for the non mainstream web site

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