free is the most expensive. In the Internet community, this sentence has been constantly confirmed. QQ and Baidu are free for users, and then earn money through value-added services. Free is the best profit model, dating sites apply this model, it will certainly be a great success. Unfortunately, so far there is no free online dating site (fair market, 58 city in 2007 before the free dating section), as for the reasons for this is not discussed here, the following explore the profit making model of dating sites.

selling membership data

this is the most common and direct profit model for dating sites. The purpose of making friends is to establish contact with others through the website, and to get the contact form of the other party is the most direct demand. The website gains profit by selling the contact form of the member.

usually sets two modes:

is a member of recharge per view a member contact, on certain points deduction (recharge in the station into integration, different integration sites of different names, such as the "red" gold ");

second is a member to recharge certain amount to become VIP members, VIP members can check all members of the contact, and no longer deduct points.

Some members of the

website to see photos and diaries also need to consume a certain amount of points, this model allows users to experience a decline, so the use rate is relatively low, however, the nature of the Witkey dating site using this model better, this will be mentioned.

value-added services,

common value-added services: letters, online chat, send virtual gifts, membership service, accurate recommendation, artificial identity authentication, video services, space dress, View album diary, others view other location, view other registered landing time, issuing special signs, signs and other honorary right.

model is the most prominent Jiayuan members write, read the letter stamp, stamp to buy.

video dating sites typically use virtual gifts for profit models such as YY, 9158, and six rooms, as well as traditional dating sites. The money to buy virtual gifts is the profit of the website.

marriage website and some high-end users dating network, using accurate membership recommendation and manual service model. After the member pays the money, may through the station, the station outside mail way receives the website recommendation member’s information, or directly enjoys the website customer service, the artificial recommendation service.

some websites allow users to provide chat, answering, tutoring and other services on the site, in order to ensure the security of transactions, the website will on sale service member certification, certification service charge, one of this cost is also the site of the profit mode.

ad site for sale

selling fixed advertising bits is also a common way of website revenue. This model >

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