"style" is abstract, refers to the overall image of the site to visitors comprehensive feelings. The "image" including the site CI (logo, colors, fonts, banners), layout, browsing, interactive, text, tone, content value and so on many factors, the website can be lively and vivid, amiable and easy of approach can also be a serious professional. Whether it’s color, technology, text, layout, or interaction, as long as you can make it clear to visitors that this is unique to your site, this is the style of the site".


style is human, through the website technology, text, color, layout, interactive mode can be summed up a site’s personality: is bold, still fresh and beautiful; is the passion or courtly and gentle, is lively; variable, or prescriptive.

short, different style of the website and the website is: see you in the ordinary website just piled together information, you can only use the rational feelings to describe the amount of information, such as browsing speed; you can get more perceptual knowledge aside from the content in the style of the website for example, the grade of the site, the visitor’s attitude.

, after making a clear impression of what you want to do, is one of the things that best reflects the style of your website. And take it as the website characteristic, strengthens, the propaganda emphatically. In short, the formation of style is not a positioning, you can continue to strengthen, adjust and improve in practice.

Website construction how to determine the style of the site

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