Lei Jun investment has several major principles, the project is unfamiliar, not cast; people are unfamiliar, not cast. Try to minimize the risk. From millet model can also see that Lei Jun is very cautious of a person, millet no factory, no offline store, no inventory, light assets into the domestic mobile phone market, reducing the risk of entity manufacturers.

      seeds are carefully selected; fertilizers are purchased according to soil requirements. More manure, he does not buy in chicken farms and other areas, because the price is relatively high. He will open to the far point of the village agricultural tricycle, to buy farm livestock dung. The price is low, and the effect is good. Study agricultural technology, solve the diseases and insect pests encountered in growing vegetables, and increase vegetable production by various means.

Internet community is very deep, you actually have more or less chiefs before practice, such as the richest man in battle we called Jingjing, the line who can replace anyone who badly dispute, seemingly Each one minds his own business.

so most of the time, what you see in your ears doesn’t necessarily mean it. In the business world, there’s only eternal interest, no eternal enemy.

the money?

Ma and Wang Jianlin is also called "Nemesis", then Wuhan Wanda movie theme park officially opened when Wang Jianlin said: first of all, I tell you, I don’t have to Ma as competitors, we are friends.


2: product positioning

reported that this evaluation: the purpose of this Ma Lei Man deer mouse, mouth running train, is not done any marketing? Said the project is so big, how to look like is a liar! Of course I refused, I am not stupid, so we want to

‘s relatives were in the countryside and had no higher education. When I was young, I went out to work and worked as a manufacturing worker for 8 years. Save some money and go home to get married. After returning home to start a vegetable garden. He is a very intelligent and good at discovering a personal summary, although many local farmers, vegetable prices, most farmers only a year to earn a few thousand dollars, and now he has more than ten million a year income. In accordance with his statement, familiar with the rules of the vegetable market, grasp the needs of buyers, and actively explore new markets, diversification, three-dimensional development.


reported that this evaluation: the purpose of this Ma Lei Man deer mouse, mouth running train, is not done any marketing? Said the project is so big, how to look like is a liar! Of course I refused, I am not stupid, so we want to

A: the product is beautiful,

      vegetables are ripe, listed, careful relatives in product sales details, make people ashamed.


years later, the Alibaba’s $650 million investment in the competition this year millet Meizu, Ma ants under financial investment in China to Durkee business year for newspaper can not so obvious!

we all know that Ma founded Alibaba time money, everywhere to raise money so that everyone think Ma must do more than most, off the reel, feeling he is a liar, even think he is a engaged in pyramid schemes, and then Lei Jun think so.

he ran online, a few hundred thousand kilometers a second; I insisted on walking online, step by step. He runs very fast online. I insist on walking slowly on the line.

3: producing

 :     relatives, vegetables, neighbors, friends, home before the data survey, we cook every meal, a few dishes, a few soup? How many dishes are you buying per month? How much do you pay for a monthly meal? What’s the most dish to buy? Which dishes do you like best? Wait。 Thus, collected more than 20 valid data, according to the classified income relatives: for example, a wealthy family to buy fresh vegetables, more ordinary working families to buy long storage of vegetables, low income families to buy cheap and long storage time of the food; often buy expensive food consumption groups probably accounted for the local market 1/4, the purchase law is generally 2 times a week; the best sales on the market price of the seasonal vegetables, vegetables every day to buy these users probably accounts for the local vegetable consumption group ninety percent; at the same time, he collected data about vegetables and people’s life information and local environment, land and weather in recent years, for market analysis and product analysis.

1: Market Research,

Ma Yun because of the problem of face not only was refused by Lei Jun, also was refused by kfc. Young Jack Ma and 24 other people went to KFC, and everyone else passed the interview. He was the only one left by PASS.

4: product sales and user experience

discerning hero Sun Zhengyi, meet six minutes to Ma 20 million dollars, these money achievements Ma, also achievements of Softbank group. 7 years ago, Ali B2B business listed in Hongkong, sun profit 70 times.

Ma has also joked about his appearance, said the handsome man is the first glance looks good, and then on, and he is the first glance does not look good, but after more than a few times, the more you look good,


the money?The origin of

      in food inputs, he is also in accordance with season, demand for different vegetables for their own planning. Of which 1 acres of land to build a greenhouse, autumn winter spring cover protective film of the three quarter, planting cucumber, tomatoes, beans, rape and other seasonal expensive dishes, summer planting season vegetables in the greenhouse; and next to the ground, he planted potatoes, onions, cabbage etc. according to the different seasons, planting low seasonal vegetables.

Ma Yun was looking for investment in the wall, Lei Jun said he is like pyramid schemes, can not vote

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