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, SHOP++, V5shop, sohpex, basic introduction

took responsibility for the company to shop online, I have not the slightest careless, the next step is to choose the shop program. Shop program choice is nothing more than in the station building technology, JAVA, ASP.NET, PHP language choice, ASP language has been eliminated Microsoft Corp, it will be omitted. Through several days of search, investigation, consultation and feedback to friends, narrowing the range of choice online program, JAVA language, SHOP++.NET language V5SHOP and PHP language in SHOEPX, of course, the establishment of technology there are other excellent shop procedures, only to consider their own needs, safety and performance of the shop the subsequent shop expansion, of course, comprehensive comparison of prices, so there is no other program to shop for a detailed analysis.

V5SHOP is the predecessor of the technology has been out of the Microsoft ASP, 08 years after the acquisition by Shanghai Weibo, system technology upgrade to ASP.NET,.NET is the online system of old products.

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SHOP++ Changsha Dingcheng’s products, the first domestic development based on JAVA technology, open source program online. Perhaps some users are unfamiliar with the SHOP++ system, because SHOP++ officials opened the SHOP++V1.0 version in 2009 and offered free downloads of the source code. Up to 130 thousand times the SHOP++V1.0 version is free within two weeks after the download times, our love has become a research open-source and JAVA enthusiasts to like, well-known as Aebiz, Probiz, JAVA is one of the mainstream of domestic online system.


Comprehensive analysis of

, we are a liquor sales company, in recent years, by the impact of online shopping sales model, the company decided to borrow hot Internet development launched online sales, hoping sales performance has increased new highlights. Because my college major is electronic commerce, will carry the responsibility of the company’s online sales channels.

, SHOP++, V5shop and sohpex


SHOPEX e-commerce software on behalf of one of the products, is the earliest PHP shop procedures, domestic users known as 500 thousand army.


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Hello, Chen Libin,

said it is easier to carry out online sales system, choose the shop, buy space, domain name, commodity upload… But it is not so easy to imagine in the shop, the choice of system as the key link, because of the need to consider the safety and performance of the shop, the shop and subsequent expansion etc.. By understanding, there are 20 large and small online shopping system, and each has advantages and characteristics, the choice of online shop system has become the next headache.

Online shop online shop system selection of those things’m helpless with shlf1314 AdSense

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