three, windfall profits

later, I just ran into something free to make an alliance fee. I’ve already said it here admin5/article/20080710/93273.shtml,  . Of course, some people say the project is out of date because the free times seem to be over. But don’t forget. The Internet is never stingy, it depends on how we make money.

usually have many foreign projects very violent, such as click mail, the price is very high, the amount of pay is very high. Of course, there is little intelligence friends are going to think about it, if a little time spent a very simple every day can get tens of dollars, $1000 a month, so basically we do not have to work. This kind of Wangzhuan basically not to think, don’t ask sh419 is not a liar, I can tell you for a lot of pull off the assembly line do not know can not pay, but also want to hurry to pay the amount. So do Wangzhuan or restrain your profiteering mentality.

, a franchisee based project

believes that a lot of people are aware of Kingsoft. People who have done it, especially those who are still doing it now, know that WPS has always been a promotional project.

this time there are a lot of friends and I Q to ask about the Wangzhuan problems, most I would answer, but some people always ask how to do from the novice, what to do, I think in front of me a few articles and said very clearly, don’t see the end.

since July 7th, all WPS are installed according to the amount of installation, each installation of 0.2 yuan, so if you pay advertising fees, it certainly is not cost-effective, because the price is too low.

software project

if it is natural flow? Maybe there is still done, after all, natural flow is not money. I say the natural flow includes the search engine and the input address.


small hackers or Wangzhuan site with some attractive tutorials, for example CPA automatic registration day to earn 50, Zhejiang’s new springboard brush drill such, many people will go to download, and then look at the tutorial operation is very successful, and do not say tutorial operation is true the truth is, the software needs to be verified, the general good software will not casually open to sell, project cheating people, this project is also not to be able to do, even if the software is true, there are timeliness, as long as open after a multi >

at present there are still a lot of people struggle in the Wangzhuan line, words with many predecessors, do Wangzhuan, earn money so only a small part of a large part of the people, so why not to earn money and some even cheated, today I’m going to give you an analysis the network has to do a lot of but people are not making money or money making project.

two, click on the vote

the following project reviews and analyses the hope that new look, you know to be cheated is not entirely the fault of others:

this kind of project that is constantly pulling off the assembly line, that is how much money to pay you to join it and then give you a dumpster to let you go to the propaganda to pull off the assembly line, such things do not earn money not to say, your conscience won’t go, and basically do not have what distinction do MLM. This project if you have enough ability to pull off the assembly line that do it, but generally high IQ people will choose to do the top people in Pyramid.


, go back to my station., who would do that? Well, after that free project was finished, WPS changed the rules.

if it’s a link exchange, that’s hard to say. After all, every IP is money. And the connection to the IP is essentially invalid, ip.

different opinions please Paizhuan!

this kind of project the previous article said, can earn money, the normal station will pay, but this station payment cycle is very long, does not have the patience or do not consider, of course, a lot can also pull off the assembly line, so those people that sentence below Pyramid will not be able to earn what money. Only go up can earn more.

so I still think WPS has changed now and nothing has been done. Should be transferred to higher prices, at least higher than the advertising fees.

actually, when I started doing it, I saw a monthly championship title hanging on their league page. That’s why I tried.

On WPS promotion can not doRice and vegetable roll know why you do Wangzhuan always make money

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