what I’m doing right now is that as long as it’s about money making, learning can really help me make money, so go to school, and the way to learn is to "practice" and "do it.". For example, in about a year and a half ago, I can only do the manual site with frontpage, but this is really not the way, see a lot of people talk about WordPress on the net, then WordPress learning method is to use a web site to WordPress frame. The methodology of WordPress is not to buy books, not on the Internet, not the climb to ask people not to go to cram school computer, but they use WordPress as a platform, when I used to make a decent WordPress website, I just learned, but if it is to buy a book to see not begin to do, so we can only say that I read the book, I understand, but that does not mean the ability to use WordPress to make a website.

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network money webmaster, in the capital, technology limited conditions, in order to make money online, should learn what? How to learn? Maple network’s view is "to learn, don’t learn, Internet money webmaster do, mainly is to make money on the Internet, or said the use of online technology, the ability to" make money ", rather than" learning ". The graphics software used by Maple Leaf network is photoimpact, not Photoshop, and only uses a small part of the functionality of photoimpact. Web editor, I use frontpage instead of dreamweaver. Basically, there are only things I have to do, some functions I don’t use, and I don’t know how to use them.

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perhaps the Internet money maker can improve his earning power by changing his language habits. That is, do not say "to learn", but say "practice" or "make". In other words, instead of "practice" instead of "learning".

some time ago, due to the finishing of pictures, although the use of photoimpact in the "batch work" function, but there are still a few steps to repeat three press different buttons to do a little trouble, then went to the "Wizard button" to solve this problem, so the "Wizard button" I understand is just to solve my own problems need to be solved, any more, I will not. This is not my lazy ah, I was actually a very good school, super good science, what is useful and useless to learn a love is chaos, the net is to do something that has nothing to do with the money, the result is "high skill, less money, usually seem to look for however, a problem is not good, I think this character does not change it to impoverished life.

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