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in the ninth Century BC, a man called Fei Zi Zhou Dynasty Royal Family horse, get a piece of land now Gansu area, 100 years later, the descendants of non resistance Rong Qin Xianggong help king Ping of Zhou and Zhou Ping Wang attack, put the land up to the status of princes.

they follow the same law.

, of course, there are plenty of hot blooded young people, just like the entrepreneurs of today.

in 2008, Dropbox is in a critical phase of acquiring new users. They launched the Adsense campaign but unfortunately failed to succeed. As a product priced at only $99, they cost as much as $300 per user. Later, after realizing that the user acquisition strategy was unsustainable, Drew, Houtson, and his team began experimenting with other methods.

the social unrest at that time intensified. The military class emerging countries with the economic growth, required to obtain the corresponding political rights, demanded political reform, then launched a reform movement, such as Chu Wei Li Kui reform, reform and the reform of Wuqi, wave like the wave of the Internet now, seize the opportunity of the country is likely to become an emerging country.

editor’s note: the author is an anonymous entrepreneur who has gone through many ups and downs, or dies or dies. Now, it hides its real name and becomes a columnist for Medium magazine, describing his pioneering work several times, as a reference to other entrepreneurs.

another important point about this video is that it is made specifically for specific target groups and communities, that is to say, tailored to them. Just say Drew, he’s a member of the Digg community, so he has a clear understanding of the community’s preferences. If you look carefully enough, you’ll find that in this video, the TPS report and Tom ·, Cruise appear very frequently. Facts have proved that this video by the Digg crowd love, in the second days of the introduction of more than 70 thousand new users.

Qin Empire, is one of the most wonderful existence of China history, it from the war to unify China as long as 9 years, again from unification to collapse as long as 14 years.

had been over from the spring and Autumn period to the Warring States period. At the time, it was entirely "the end of France" and "the troubled times"". Why? Because in the spring and Autumn period, the relationship between the countries is "as long as you take me" can, hegemony is the social theme, but not to each other and themselves, to the Warring States period, "Lao Tzu non destroy you can not start in China popular jungle.


Abstract: from the perspective of the development of modern enterprises, many Internet Co are also very brutal, they buy users fling caution to the winds and flow, improve the data by means of violence, the original, why not ask yourself: what is the value to attract users, or with the immediate interests of users to buy

regional discrimination has existed since ancient times. However, the more humble, the more vigorous morale, at all times and in all countries, is not so.



in addition, while we are marketing our products, we can learn from Dropbox that it will provide some additional services for users to forward and share on social networking sites. Dropbox has launched an activity that allows users to share the services they use on Facebook and Twitter in order to get additional 128MB space. Facts have proved that this activity by the majority of users love. Within a month on the line, users sent 2 million 800 thousand service invitations on social networking sites.

news website Reddit & Quora: Q & a community yourself, have ample food and clothing


this is the predecessor of qin. After Qin became princes, and finally the oriental nations on an equal footing. But due to the bitter cold remote land, has always been the Oriental look, "international" does not take Qin as equal members, not to let him participate in the States, but regard it as the barbarian tribes.

I asked a lot of people and they told me that they were interested in getting to know some of the stories behind big business starts. So, I have to write this article, introduces several well-known company’s user acquisition strategy, hoping that some of the readers.

is like now, a company from the venture to the valuation of ten billion, and then closed down, bankruptcy, but just one or two years.

362 BC, the 21 year old young audience became king of Qin, the backward state of Qin he was ashamed to see this, stock reform tide, is also determined for the two venture! So to the whole world by seeking order from abroad, finally have a CEO, called Shang Yang.

hunting cloud network micro signal: ilieyun reported on June 10th Translation: Tian Xiaoxue

therefore, every entrepreneur and modern person should have a good understanding of this period of history.

At that time, the history of

Drew produced a simple video that was four minutes long, telling the operation of Dropbox. Since the services they offer will be less attractive if they are written in words, the company chooses to introduce its business through video.

These skills of Get to unicorns don’t worry about users at the start of their businessWhy do entrepr

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