ants Kim said, the company has not yet made the IPO schedule, nor make any decision on where to go public. At the same time, the ants are currently busy expanding through trading in overseas markets. In March this year, the ants joined the Alibaba group of India technology company Paytm’s electricity supplier sector investment of $177 million, to obtain the controlling stake in the business. Ant gold suit and Alibaba group have injected more than $500 million into Paytm. In addition, the ants also spent $200 million on Kakao Pay, a financial services provider for instant messaging in Korea, and announced last month that it would spend 1> on Kakao

saw Dai Renguang today: using the prospective SEO done through Taobao off the post, I think I can write the content, and is combined with the successful case of their own to share, is not very successful, but it does have effect, and to just do a Taobao customers to promote new people that is also a useful method, as the saying goes: the master door, rely on individual practice. Everyone especially Amoy new don’t think that this can be lucrative, in fact the operation is more important than method comes.


Dai Renguang wrote this blog, the use of SEO, in the network marketing promotion this section is not discuss SEO, but SEO in network marketing promotion but also plays a very important role. Amoy promotion, I would like to say, "Amoy marketing", this is not a new term, after all, is already known to every family in the guest Wangzhuan, at least do network people know, and many people realize the dream through guest wangzhuan. Amoy new, may not know what is SEO, but Never mind, in the network marketing here, if not SEO, can achieve the same guest Wangzhuan dream, Dai Renguang said: using the prospective guest to do marketing, what is forward-looking, in network marketing on the prospective, I can’t make a formal written interpretation but, to quote Dai Renguang for example we can better understand, for example, today is February 8th, and in March 8th, there will be a Lakers and rockets, then have a keyword "the March 8th VS rocket" in March 8th after becoming quite popular, but the key word in February 8th when that is almost not competitive, so you can easily put the key on. After you rank, when you arrive in March 8th, you get a lot of opportunities to show off."

Dai Renguang’s prospective customers to promote Taobao, it is worth do research, but we know, do search engine marketing, must use the domain name and space, of course, if you use the forum or blog promotion promotion, the effect is good, but it will involve.

, an investment bank said, because of the need to obtain regulatory approval, and focus on enhancing business, ant gold suit IPO time will be postponed to the end of 2018, or the first half of 2019. "The ants want to be listed overseas, which needs government support. "The company’s initial public offerings plan has been shelved," the investment bank said.

is the parent company China ant gold suit popular mobile payment service alipay. Investment banks have been counting on Ant King to be the star of this year’s initial public offerings. In the last round of financing in April 2016, the valuation of the ants was $60 billion. The valuation is more than double the valuation of the Snapchat parent company, Snap, when it comes to the US listed in March this year.

lawyers and investment banks expect the Chinese government to approve an overseas listing of the ants, but it will take some time. Once the ants have received payment licences, there is no need to consider the problem of listing only on the Chinese mainland stock market. The company may choose to list on the securities market in the United States or Hongkong, China, another investment bank said. The investment bank says the ants will still need 18 to 24 months to go public.

lawyer also said that if the ants want to be listed overseas, they need government approval. "Ant King" is still using the Chinese company’s architecture. Ma Yun micro-blog Alipay spun off from the Alibaba in the group in 2011, set up a gold suit of ants. When the Alibaba group split Alipay has triggered a war between the slobber and major shareholder of YAHOO. Ma Yun had said, Chinese government payment services regulations on third party, means that Alipay must change its ownership structure.

although there are a number of small Chinese payment companies listed overseas, but if the ants want to be listed overseas, you need to get government approval, which is also the current regulatory gray areas.

mentioned here is to do keywords prospective use of search engines, we can also do so wearing a Taobao customer, Sheng said: "blog by Taobao in some major foreseeable events as search engine keyword, here I only do a more specific, some more digging, we can look at for example, a few days ago in the webmaster group, aunt said" X X April seckill seckill ", that is a relatively faithful concern, they hope to understand the recently launched activities such as" seckill seckill, March 10th "in March 9th it must be very popular, so the words and the words will hot up, if you are in February, put the key on it, so that you can get a batch. Door."

Tencent Alibaba – the time for the IPO has been delayed until the end of 2018, according to sources from the investment bank.

Taobao share sh419 know guest Wangzhuan practicePO is delayed until the end of next year or oversea

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