hunting cloud network learned today, Yongan for nearly 3 months in the interruption of IPO Road, decided to formally restart IPO. July 28th, Yongan prospectus prospectus and related announcements on the Shanghai stock exchange website hanging again publicity. Announcements, will organize this release next week online roadshow.

, for example, SP was popular five years ago. This value-added service charges by mobile phone, in fact, is a micro payment. Each use >


I am a person who likes nothing to think about, and sometimes pondering, these decline in the Internet Co in the end what commonalities,

in March this year, Yongan bicycle sharing for the Commission to submit the draft declaration to the latest version of the IPO, the first unit of the title Pinqiang bike sharing. On April 14th, the Yongan bank reviewed and obtained approval from the csrc.

I’ve summed it up. Let’s have a look. Is that right?.

and Gu, Tailai also has to the Commission, the Commission, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and some media in Yongan for its patent infringement real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, related work required to suspend or suspend the Yongan ipo. Under pressure from public opinion, the Yongan bank issued a notice on the suspension of the roadshow in May 5th.

in "on the media questioned and the related patent litigation announcement that" in Yongan, said: "after verification, the company technology there is no infringement, the Suzhou Municipal Intermediate People’s court verdict against gumou. At the same time, litigation business accounted for the proportion of the company’s overall business is very low, the company’s business development and profitability does not constitute a major adverse impact on the initial listing does not constitute an obstacle. The contents of the relevant information disclosed by the company’s prospectus are true, accurate and complete, and there is no false record, misleading statement or material omission."

however, it was not long before Yongan was prosecuted for patent infringement. "Free bike rental operation system fixed point and take the method of" the patent holder Gu Tailai in violation of its patent rights on the grounds that in April 17th and April 18th in Suzhou City Intermediate People’s court and the Nanjing intermediate people’s Court of Yongan will be taken to the courtroom.


first, copy foreign business models.

second, the pattern itself is not a problem, but it is not valuable to the user.

years earlier, everyone was copying the American model. If the eye, hand in the United States, saw the emergence of a new business model, a time difference, immediately put it back to the China, seize the first mover advantage. But it’s different now. There is a new website over there in the United States, and people here will soon read about it and it’s in chinese. Also, including VC will introduce some good patterns to china. Domestic giants such as Tencent, sh419, Sina and Sohu have solved the problem of survival, and have paid close attention to the new model all over the world in order to develop. In the process of imitation, they are also more capable of solving some of the problems encountered, such as government public relations. And small companies once encountered such problems, may not be able to go on. So the opportunity to copy the American model as a core competency is no longer there, and I think it’s a very dangerous model.



June 7th, the Suzhou intermediate people’s Court of Yongan against the prosecution Gu Tailai patent case formally ruled that Yongan won, the bike sharing system and public bicycle system is not involved in the infringement, dismissed the plaintiff Gu Tailai.

Internet in China has developed less than twenty years, the company has many, not much to stay. In fact, there are many reasons for the decline of Internet Co. If a bad business environment is encountered, it is an act of God, and no one can avoid it. But as the saying goes, in the best years there are people who lose money, and in the worst years there are people who make money. Therefore, the Internet Co decline attributed to external reasons, I think it is irresponsible.

moreover, the degree of Internet development in the United States is different from that in china. Although China’s Internet users base is large, but mostly low-income people, hundreds of millions of Internet users in the United States is the middle class. The culture, background and business customs of the two countries are different. So, if we move the US model to China, it should also change. To tell the truth, many people in the Internet now have a strong speculative psychology, blindly copy, unwilling to explore, copy the results, found that does not meet China’s national conditions, and finally became acclimatized. The rate of success must be very low for this simple imitation. One of the most powerful evidence is that the Internet giants proudly came to China with their successful business models in the United States, but in the end they were acclimatized. So, start-up companies, not to dream of copying foreign models can be bigger, you first no money, second no users, with what big

Yongan row suspended IPO event through:

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