if the labor stage Wangzhuan are minor, so open site traffic to a higher level. But most people in this level is poor, the reason is open site more traffic is doing the wedding dress for others.


open site traffic is advertising revenue from mainstream profit. Specifically, is to somehow get the mass flow into a large number of their own website, and then get revenue through advertising way. Typical of this is rubbish station. Many personal webmaster use acquisition software to obtain a large number of the establishment of a large number of Web sites to attract traffic revenue. I like this article, if published on the Admin5 website, after a day of time, will be hundreds of thousands of Web sites that collect the past.

How about

network is no reflection of the Wangzhuan

the reason why you will live from physical Wangzhuan beginning to open site traffic, the transition stage, because the Internet is actually a reflection of the real world. The Internet is the social reality, so the Internet is a part of the world, in compliance with the rules of the real world. Now.


there is no any of the people who do manual work of disrespect. I just stated a fact: low income, most of them are repetitive manual work.

chose to make a lot of money on the product, I wrote last time that little flow how to make big money cheats — thinking chapter, many people think that the space hole, in fact, is still very guiding ideology, I hope you go to search and see.

to offline, and traditional enterprises, traditional industries, traditional products to compete, the traditional enterprise Internet promotion, at least in recent years there is still a big market.

offline project?

open the shlf1314 of "higher" word search results, we can find that in 10 the first page of search results, almost all in the introduction of "money" and "money" mail "surfing" money money "registered" etc.. The way to make money, admittedly, most are able to earn money, but worth it? If not cheating, by this way to make money, only for a few packs of cigarettes on their money, even to eat can not solve the problem. If the execution is poor, even if it is not used.

What does

Internet grassroots, especially beginners tend to focus on network products, in fact, the Internet after so many years of development, the competition each segments are super intense, few really is no power level or a place to live in, that is simply not to earn money, how to do?

is more realistic today, and if you don’t understand it, it just means you have a long way to go to make money.

I think: thinking,

is a reflection of the poor Wangzhuan do manual work

open site traffic acquisition is advertising revenue, if someone is willing to advertising, which indicates a problem: the advertising revenue is greater than the cost of advertising. Master website revenue is only the "cost of advertising". Hard for most of the day, the real money is advertising, because open site traffic is just the wedding dress for others.

if you have not had so little network promotion, or only a good method, how to make money? Many people joined Taobao off camp, Taobao actually guest is the most competitive, while less output of a way to make money, except Taobao off the master of course, not in the scope of discussion within, also have their own website to sell products of Taobao, those more fire, of sorts, but the results are not ideal, now the team do network are not so good to do, not to mention the rookie

. do the wedding dress for others

for my personal example, when I was 09 years, it will start to do network soon know very little, even what is space, what is the domain name, do not know how to bind, but that is, I spent three hundred and fifty to find someone to do a website, through a soft Wen Laiersanshi about IP every day, the average daily net profit of about three hundred, which is a IP earn ten dollars, 12 years, only through the sh419 know, the daily average is one hundred or two hundred IP, every day can earn about 2000, is almost a IP $ten, most of the time one day to earn 10 thousand, of course, do now each IP may earn more, I am not the example that I regressed on the network, actually I am still a rookie, but also can get so much traffic and people, I earn is more.

The so-called

take your advantage and compete with others,

is a reflection of the poor Wangzhuan

and a few friends talking about problems we all think Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, very difficult. Discuss to discuss this problem into the problem of No. Then we put the topic a bit narrow: on the Internet why are you poor.

what does that make money for,

network and network rookie don’t go to the line than cattle, and wood louse, rookie than wood louse or have the advantage, at least in the network promotion.

repetitive manual work, is that anyone can do, no matter the difference between only the amount of difference between people and people. In real life, the construction site is the most obvious and typical physical work together. In the network, repetitive manual work the most typical form is to click on ads to make money.


earn by making money?

technology? Experience? Resources? Teams? Funds?

in fact, there are many industries under the line, you may have such relatives around you, friends do all kinds of offline business, the first few

How do rookies make more money through the nternetWangzhuan reflection Why are you poor on the nte

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