short, love Shanghai this update algorithm, the direct result is that web search results more humanized! However, how to avoid some of the people who have an ulterior motive, to take advantage of these new content? This is about to see, Baidu how our sword! Let us see


everyone as a Shanghai dragon Er, everyone must have to do some preparation! There is a word called "Shanghai dragon like ECG, unless you want to Everything is going smoothly. website is K for the love of Shanghai"! So the update algorithm, I have been very calm and said at least this one! The algorithm update said very calm! After all, basically the whole network sites are affected, in addition to a very few! As a general rule, love Shanghai is not the choice of the large-scale update on Tuesday night, a small update is common, so, I knew that Shanghai will return to the index of love in a short period of time

source: 贵族宝贝sjjzz贵族宝贝/2039.html

on Tuesday night, October 22nd, Shanghai love seems to be carried out an algorithm testing, adding a thumbnail function of search results! The immediate impact is 23, the major site of the index volume decreased significantly, but the ranking does not seem to be affected! Many rely on Shanghai Longfeng flow, but in the day will be lost not small (for example: Suning, Jingdong and so on)

algorithm to update Tuesday!

allows users to participate in the search engine ranking algorithm the intention is good, however, will participate in the user really real? You hard! Even if I share, but most with Shanghai dragon for the purpose of sharing behavior of brush! In most cases, users are lazy, not without benefit early disinterestaction, who will do it? Here is that in most cases

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love behind Shanghai snapshot date add a a small arrow, open you can see the "collection, sharing, report and other functions! And these three functions, regardless of which one function is to allow users to participate in the ranking algorithm in Shanghai love! Plus Tuesday, with sea update algorithm the (adding thumbnails in the search results and is not limited to), there are indications that the Shanghai love search results more human

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in fact my view is correct! Work just before 23 PM, love Shanghai on our website the index has returned to normal Thursday night! Love Shanghai algorithm again a small range of update, amount, accurate to say is a complement to the

10.23 love Shanghai algorithm update, web search results add thumbnails, more humane!

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