8 directory level should not be too much, Foshan website construction company website directory is the deepest layer of three, if your site


3 site map, this understand Shanghai Longfeng all know, search engines crawl the web information from the beginning of the site map, site map is a container for all links of a web site. The site map is according to the structure, framework and content of the site, the generated navigation page file. To the search engine that guide the direction, is conducive to Shanghai dragon.

4 robots.txt, is the first time the file search engine in the website to view. Robots.txt file tells spider program on the server file is what can be viewed. The establishment of a complete website optimization of this file is necessary, to reduce the actual content of the work not crawling. For example, web site background, this kind of contact, do not give the spider grab.

1 site meta handled properly, we can look at the website meta, my title is: Foshan website — Foshan website construction company (Foshan power network company), simple and clear, I have been emphasizing that keyword set can not be too much, so the three have, and description of the web site is the keywords try to put this sentence.

5 website pictures and ALT attribute, now, now spider technology is unable to correctly read website pictures inside information, so the website pictures add text attribute is needed.

today, website keywords force network company: Foshan website the word finally rose to love Shanghai home first, while the other two website keywords are also on the rise, the current Foshan website construction company Shanghai fourth love, while the word Foshan network company in Shanghai love 31, website ranking from home page revision now the time of a month or so. How do I put the site keywords ranking to love Shanghai first in such a short time?

The establishment of

7 the content of this website, I suggest you in the planning of website content, the article should have related reading, or recommended reading, and pay attention to the spider crawling, try not to let the spider lost. Note also the text set up, believe that we all know, love Shanghai ranking factors, within the chain (description text) has been written into the Shanghai ranking factors in love.

site procedures, we code optimization of the website is the static page rewriting after optimization, believe in static code to optimize the role of everyone knows whether it is open from web search engine speed or read the information in time is very favorable.

6 H tag, H1 tag is unique, a lot of people love the H1 property website LOGO wrote. As for the H1 label each practice. The H2 tag can point to pay attention to the uniqueness of the push, the H1 tag can be.

Ocean Shanghai Longfeng website to love Shanghai ranked first share the experience of optimization

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