three, note that the video key points for non default sort settings. Because many consumers are by price, geographical, uses, specifications of goods such as key point to search, so shop when setting the content and attributes of goods, should try to describe detailed, accurate and comprehensive, to meet the full range of search to the needs of different consumers.

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finally, shop must have real sales accumulation and display. Many people do not want to do online shopping "the first to eat crab, if you do not shop sales, no evaluation and so on, popularity is not enough, consumers will think your online products and services may be a problem. According to Matthew, the less the shop popularity will be more in front of the cold. There are so many shop operators are through a single brush and other means to improve the website sales show that it belongs to adventure and virtual platform, once more than the warning line will be punished and right down etc.. So, it is best to have the shop accumulation and show their true sales, sales of more real, the natural flow is more also.

, a website must put commodity category. Because only, in order to improve the commodity category correlation, in order to obtain accurate free traffic.

open shop friends know: to get free search traffic to get more chances of success more and more tourists. We have constantly online optimization, but the effect is good and bad. Here, the music technology here summed up the following three to shop to get free search traffic access method, hope to help you:

two, a single product conversion rate must be increased. Only high-quality, valuable and attractive goods in order to get more people of all ages, so the shop should as far as possible optimization accuracy, high conversion rate, high keywords associated with a higher degree of title, label and graphic content, while avoiding keywords making up etc..


secondly, do online accurate drainage work. After all, the flow of more accurate, consumer purchase intention and the more likely the commodity conversion rate will be higher. Le Internet that improve the site drainage accuracy need to pay attention to product category placement, improve the conversion rate of the product, make single commodity non default sort and grasp the goods shelf time of the four aspects of the work.

analysis of peak and valley values of the free search flow shop, make full use of online shopping platform search rules, update time frame set up set of goods, you can take an occasion to marketing, improve the shop overall conversion rate.

first, the website must be personalized positioning. The new Internet business era, network economy increasingly fierce competition and the homogenization of development, only has the individuality, unique and valuable shop to attract more attention and recognition, and can only do a good job shop shop location can have a more accurate flow and passenger source.


How to get free to shop more search traffic

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