news July 18th, billion state power network that the day before, Dunhuang network for registered foreign trademark malicious acts issued a notice to regulate the use of intellectual property law.

Dunhuang network for trademark infringement sellers make the following provisions:

1 in accordance with the provisions of the trademark law, the scope of protection of a registered trademark shall be subject to the registration of the goods. For example, A registered trademark of goods mainly for hookah, tobacco, not to complain the electronic cigarette battery, filter etc.. If there is a complaint of store goods shelves, the seller can initiate complaints on the platform.

2 unregistered trademarks shall not initiate complaints. In the case of a trademark application for which a notice of acceptance or preliminary examination is applied, the trademark right has not been confirmed in law, and the seller may not claim the trademark right.

3 sellers can not pass the copyright infringement trademark infringement. For example, copyright B contains text ABCD, it can not be used to complain ABCD trademark infringement, copyright protection to the scope of the picture, rather than text.

Dunhuang net said the rectification and standardization of abuse of trademark law malicious sellers, mainly because Dunhuang network platform found that some brands are foreign registered trademarks, abuse of intellectual property rights, free to expand the scope of attack and invalid, malicious complaints, seriously affect the platform operation order.

Dunhuang network stressed that in the trademark application process, there are three months of the initial stage of the trial notice, during this period, any individual and business can be an objection to the Trademark Office to prevent the trademark registration.

The malicious cybersquatting sellers pit foreign trademark Dunhuang network with new tactics