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why do you turn on the computer to login QQ? Most people say this is a kind of habit, in fact, this habit behind also reflects some other meaning, if we let you change every day you would like to use MSN? Why not? MSN QQ is not easy to operate, or no its powerful? In fact not login QQ is a kind of habit, because this habit makes all of our customer contacts, including social relations all focused on QQ, if we have replaced the chat software, then it means that I will lose the human resources, which we are unable to bear so, QQ coincidentally caught the heart, so his promotion let many people put on QQ has become a habit, so he relied on "a personal care human resources, psychological success Create a deep viscosity Tencent

, for example, we all know that ten people use search engines, basically is eight with love Shanghai, two with Google, with Google are generally more professional people, why? Because professional will is to enjoy the technology level of Google, so to use Google, also can say Google is relying on its own technology "to" stick to his clients, including NetEase 163 mailbox is such a concept.

website viscosity there may be some strange friends, may not know what is in fact, popular to say, is the website website viscosity can visitors that viscosity, can not cause the visitors visit two times, or even several times to visit, this is the website viscosity best explanation, then the viscosity of what? As the anchor text can operate? Here we should care about is what we stick to the visitors! Actually this is a focus of the viscosity here in Hefei, Shanghai and Phoenix for example:


so here we ought to be able to clear understanding of the concept of website viscosity, that is to say the operation of the website or platform can stick to others again and again to visit our website, and our focus is still on our own platform or website can rely on what to attract the attention of others to improve the viscosity of the site,? It also said the focus of this article, that is the long tail keywords for another purpose, deepen the viscosity of

what is the long tail keywords without Hefei Shanghai Dragon said, since the understanding of the concept of the long tail word, so we should know how important the long tail keywords for the overall flow of the site, and his turnover rate is very high, the reason is the long tail word to accurately describe the problem, an accurate in order to express what is? In order to better solve the problem of customers, and the customer’s problems are solved, so that customers search objectives have been achieved, at the same time, he for our website on more than a virtually trust, and that trust is the starting point, the viscosity of the site is very important! So the other long term.


Another purpose of long tail keywords enhance website viscosity

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