now stationmaster in building a new site before, the first is to determine their own site types, wanted to build a what kind of website, and then according to the type of site related to the registration of domain names, for example to do with the type of Web site optimization, so in the domain name registration, it will naturally preferred with interesting domain optimization for example, ABC, 123 Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon place and Shanghai dragon etc.. Because the search engine for the correlation between the domain name and website type more strong, give the impression is more specific. The domain name and website keyword in have a great effect on the website optimization, website ranking weight increase. So, to improve the website ranking, the best way is to maximize the type of domain name and website related, can save a lot of time optimization.

for the owners in the choice of keywords, we should all know the site selection and related keywords. Unless you are on the website optimization is not at all clear, if you don’t even understand this word, then I suggest you first learn about the basic knowledge of website construction. Well, for site selection and related keywords is the most basic, not what to say. If your site type is obviously IT, the choice of keywords is not related to the site, then I think you one hundred percent need to learn the basic knowledge of optimization. I then literally, for example, the type of site is to lose weight, then choose the keywords and should be about to lose weight before, for example, what kind of the best way to lose weight which the best diet pills, what kind of food is effective for weight loss and so on. This is the relationship between the keyword selection method. Is also a role to improve website ranking, cause you know.

two and key words

now the search engine for relevance judgments, not a webmaster can say that Qing Dynasty, is based on several top-ranking website data analysis that the roughly. For given what kind of website search engine rankings, the correlation occupies a very important position. Most of the webmaster all know site either inside or outside the station, hope that the more the better correlation with the site. After all, the webmaster can improve the ranking factors are very important. Today the talent network about using several correlation to improve ranking method:

, a domain name correlation

know that the webmaster to the site to do the chain is to the same type of Web Forum blog, and the correlation between the chain and the website in the website itself is stronger, to improve the website ranking function is non small is big. Therefore, the author summarizes three methods to improve the chain of correlation: one is the relationship between publishing platform, general webmaster all know, if you do is store type website will naturally choose and store the relevant forum to promote the chain, the purpose is to let the chain and site increase correlation. The two is the anchor text correlation. This is easy to explain, for example, they do less "

three, outside the chain

The correlation between The correlation between

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