3. mobile terminal landing page

4. mobile terminal used

2. for mobile search habits, optimization keywords on the bidding keywords and mobile terminal.

4. mobile terminal consulting, consulting the time should be strictly controlled, and try to QQ or mobile phone to facilitate tracking. According to my analysis of the data, the mobile terminal off the single rate higher than the PC side, so it is particularly important to follow-up.

On the

end mobile terminal, the mobile terminal should be how to love Shanghai bidding for an upgrade before adjustment? Love Shanghai bridge, visitors will search words and source domain, etc. have been started to consult page tracking, that is to say that these visitors love Shanghai behavior information, there are a very big help for marketing. See "new business to help you see more real-time customer information marketing more efficient

for mobile phone screen, mobile terminal reading habits may be different from the PC end. How to adjust the space for landing page, and control the size of the picture, improving loading speed.

, as of June 16 in Japan over the weekend, a second www.zixueSEM贵族宝贝 third YY self bidding network communication topic sharing, YY channel, QQ group: 70874101. This period has been the first to discuss the topic: "the new took quite a mess for the account of how to operate", please pay attention.

1. according to the target population, our mobile phone terminal marketing ideas.

in different regions, the proportion of different mobile phone operating system, through the analysis of the mobile terminal visitors, confirm the mobile phone side features of the regional group of visitors.

landing page 3. words should be more refined, easy to read. Insert picture format, used for loading GIF format and size control.

!" consulting

mobile terminal, and the proportion of words and word line region.

Intelligent machine

Keywords length search

2. search keywords used.

A little thought


as a specialist in bidding, began to promote before, it is necessary to understand our users appear, which is the foundation of precision marketing. At the same time, the master analysis is very important.

1. by mobile phone operating system, the segmentation of target population

According to the idea of

on mobile terminal consultation dialogue, understanding the mobile terminal visitor demands, and targeted training and consulting staff, so as to enhance the mobile terminal transformation consulting.

Visitors search behavior and PC from

throws first visitor behavior mobile terminal here:


Analysis of love Shanghai for promotion of mobile terminal visitor behavior

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