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white hat Shanghai dragon that used black hat technology can in a short time can get traffic but this is not a long period, to be search engine out sooner or later, then the best solution is to start again. Instead, why not conscientiously do a healthy, normal, can bring useful information to the users of the website? White hat Shanghai dragon website and search engine without fear of being punished, the webmaster can again after ten years, twenty years after the return from this website, Why not??


white hat and black hat Shanghai Dragon technology can not judge from the value, this is the webmaster to the cognition and judgment of the risk of cheating. Because of a lot of black hat techniques only Adsense on their website to search engine does not conform to the norms of operation, does not directly affect the other site. Even if cheating is not up to attack other sites of bad behavior. Although the mainstream of Shanghai dragon do not advocate black hat techniques, but not from the perspective of values.

may have occurred in the black hat Shanghai dragon’s perspective, they also have to. A lot of black hat Shanghai dragon is to use the program to generate web site, they want to make a million pages of the website, as easy as blowing off dust. They just buy a domain name, even with a free sub domain name site, find free hosting, standing group of software website, put on the nobility baby alliance ad code, using a variety of software, the next thing to do is wait for nobility baby checks. Even if it is to be search engine punishment, they also made a fortune, from looking at the rate of return on investment is quite high. For the white hat bait strategy, even in the next few years Everfount gains, they are not willing to do. Because the white hat Shanghai dragon is a long and painful work, you want to study the original content, keywords, to do traffic analysis, so every day, and who are willing to

black hat Shanghai dragon is some quick webmaster customary practices. Because the search engine is not included in his published guidelines and ranking methods, so the webmaster in intentionally or unintentionally, between the use of black hat techniques. Most of the time, the webmaster is to use black hat techniques to flow and ranking, this is cheating on the search engine drop right, even the site was completely caused by the proposed search database, resulting in the loss of.

however, white hat Shanghai Longfeng pay more attention to the long-term interests, in three years, after ten years can still gain. If you do not adhere to the station, cheating, then your website will be right in this area.

the use of black hat techniques tend to be search engine punishment, the ancients said: Murder will out. This kind of cheating will sooner or later be found in the search engine. The webmaster to learn to judge this risk in the end how much? Think about this traffic and may be subject to punishment which is more cost-effective. For a commercial website, can bear the commercial risks by much? The site being punished, right down, there is no ranking, or deleted, which have impact on the company’s brand? It is necessary to consider the.

In fact,

Black hat and white dragon Shanghai Shanghai dragon is not a value judgment

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