core Taobao shop optimization summed up eight points: under the frame of time window is recommended, the popular baby, store credit, search options, set sales, keyword matching, join disappear then I step by step analysis.

website optimization friends will always focus on the search engine, in fact, with the development of network. A new land has been taken, it seems to me that piece of treasure is Taobao optimization. I will also want to use after all certainly will search is the same in some ways sometimes, for we have the website optimization basis for people to be very simple. I recognized this point of view, through He Tao’s summary: whether it is a piece of their ultimate goal is to search for their user experience



in last year when I was in the Taobao store operation has not been considered so deep, through further data mining and operation. The popular baby will be a major factor affecting our Taobao ranking.

for the shelf time why so important, I have done the survey data. From the data we can see the "Taobao" optimization of the statistics and analysis of data you can look at the table under this article, this form is what I do when the second half of last year. There are data statistics but also particularly mentioned remaining time baby.

user experience? May be a little empty for many friends. Do optimization is this statement, Taobao is saying this is often easier said than done. After all, there are too many things to consider, including our shop decoration. But today he Tao is not to tell you truth, I want to through my reference up to Taobao optimization ideas for everyone to understand summary.

from Taobao’s point of view I personally think so, because we have to take into account the user experience, after all, Taobao inside or buying and selling as much. Imagine, if we buy things inside, what kind of things will be cheaper? What consumers most want to buy? In fact, that is the discount and clearance. If a baby recommended time to, is not to represent the shelf. It is closed to sell? This time Taobao will soon put off the shelf products in front of the position is not difficult to understand.

on the window I most want to say a word: please cherish that few of the kitchen window. There is a small trick: do you all in the kitchen window we recommend in the choice of products to the attention of the time, there may be our stores Zhendian treasure, only the only product in our home. Then I can be the price is relatively cheap, relatively high cost of products. Because we have to take into account, we may store on a few pieces of this product can bring a good part of sales.

popular baby

time frame

He Tao eight key elements of the Taobao optimization

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