I have already mentioned more than once, every site facing the situation is not the same, we want to develop an appropriate strategy according to the actual situation of Shanghai dragon website, rather than a "have been made applicable everywhere" Shanghai dragon strategy, because of this the policy does not exist. >

Shanghai dragon training institutions and network optimization company of Shanghai dragon love is a myth, the Shanghai dragon training institutions website information.

search engine algorithm change more quickly, no company can fully grasp the change of Shanghai dragon search engine algorithm, even a lot of Shanghai dragon company don’t grasp the trend of search engine, the so-called "can guarantee the" Shanghai dragon is groundless statement.

personalized search resultsWhen

last year, similar publicity or more publicity over now when love Shanghai search more rare. Don’t know what is love Shanghai for this kind of company website drop right or the company to make money out of business. However, there are still a lot of Shanghai dragon training institutions and network optimization company still has many similar publicity. In fact, this propaganda is not only to attract a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners more attention, so many companies entered a misunderstanding of the Shanghai dragon. I have said before, Shanghai dragon is really not so


1, search engine algorithm has been changing in

3, each site is different

some publicity invalid charge network optimization company is usually a lie, because no one can guarantee the results of Shanghai dragon. I want to love in addition to Shanghai, there should not be any other optimization company can guarantee your site optimization to love Shanghai home and will not fall off. In recent years, many enterprises that through Shanghai Longfeng can save marketing expenses, so confident to recruit some Shanghai dragon ER optimized for the company, but for a period of time may be two or three months later did not find Shanghai Longfeng benefits, many companies began to lose confidence in the Shanghai dragon. I have said before, Shanghai dragon is a long process, it is not three days can do, not do a thing for three years. So, this also caused many companies do not trust the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon or that there is no effect.

here I want to say, really no one person or one company can guarantee the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng effect. The reason that we can be summed up as the following:

SERP has gradually to change without standards, if only to keywords ranking to assess the effect of Shanghai dragon is undesirable. Since the main evaluation points of SERP is not Shanghai dragon, then the so-called "love Shanghai home payment" Shanghai dragon company, did not understand the role of Shanghai dragon.


Can not guarantee the optimization effect of Shanghai Longfeng company

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