: I said high quality outside the chain of high quality the chain is some weight high site leaves, the chain is the more the better, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, resources outside the chain of choice oh.

so do not only do the number of the chain link quality, but to do links, in the search engine’s quality is far higher than the number, a quality chain is equivalent to 50 the number of chain, finally the little joke you please leave the chain, you want to learn more knowledge, why not give others some of the benefits? There is no free lunch! By (贵族宝贝xiaobud贵族宝贝) little joke Daquan feeds, reproduced trouble to the younger brother left a link, then.

at A5 this afternoon issued an article, after an audit by the Shanghai love search, find a few articles reprinted, this can increase to several high quality of the chain, who knows actually the link, this is against the enthusiasm of contributors. Again, few people will share the experience and experience, I think, people write so hard, not just for a few chain removed? Why? Oh, going back to the topic, just a good article reprinted, sudden inspiration, combined with their own experience, to share with you the relationship between the chain and the site.

chain and the site has a close relationship, as long as the owners are aware of, but not to say that the chain that website ranking, or is a new snapshot every day, like a little joke of the station, the chain has more than 30000, but the snapshot is actually half a month, but also included so far, only one page, so the chain with no ranking what relationship, sometimes counterproductive, will increase the burden of this website ranking and snapshot. So what kind of chain will help site

that little joke told you that the quality, with the same type, the chain will contribute to the site’s ranking and optimization.

: means with the website chain meets the requirement of high places, such as the classification of the inquiry platform, identify their site type, initiative, a hit on the chain, relatively speaking, the quality is good, is worth the time to do.

: is related with their website content related blogs, forums, classification of Web site navigation, search in Shanghai, a bunch of out, not to say that everyone will find good, good, good snapshots and weight, get rid of the bad leave, then patience step by step or link, this is the second choice.

off?According to the

: This is the same type with respect to Links to do, find Links to find sites with the same type of website’s exchange, do not think about what the chain widely degree, K you don’t have to say, drop your weight no words, just like a tour with a smile you do for Links, not what the use of such words, only the opposite effect. Unless you have a purpose.


Little joke the quality of the chain with the website mother-in-law

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