click on the pop-up dialog box, tool, waiting for input and search keywords, keyword tool will set out the relevant keywords and long tail keywords, show the daily search volume, the degree of the competition

here are several long tail keywords convenient and effective mining method:


3. using the "thesaurus network" mining long tail keywords

According to the demand of

Shanghai index shows love and popular search in the search term and the fastest rising search terms we can set out a part of the long tail keywords popular.

mining long tail keywords to quickly and efficiently, but also has been plagued by many Shanghai Longfeng beginners. Today, the dreamer will tell you how to quickly and effectively mining the long tail keywords, improve the work efficiency of

open the love Shanghai index page (贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/), enter the target keyword Click to view the index selection of demand.

as everyone knows, website keywords into target keywords and long tail keywords. The target keywords as the soul of the website, the website of the center location thought and content of the construction of the expanding direction, choose the right target keywords is to choose a way to success Avenue; the long tail keywords refers to the non target site keywords but also can bring the flow of search keywords, long tail keywords can give a good optimization a site of great flow, dig out the long tail keywords user needs is the way to have the power of transportation on the road to success


slide the page to the bottom, you can see the popular search.


choose the long tail transmission > Thesaurus



love Shanghai client (贵族宝贝editor.baidu贵族宝贝/) as love Shanghai search marketing and web promotion tool, not only brings great convenience for many SEMer, the long tail keywords keywords tool is also applicable to the work of Er mining in Shanghai dragon. This tool we only need to register (registered address) and login account can be used to promote the love of Shanghai (free).

1. using the "love Shanghai index", the user needs to find

! Keywords

2. love Shanghai promotion client keyword tool



thesaurus network (贵族宝贝ciku5贵族宝贝/) is a comprehensive website keyword thesaurus, contains the latest hot key, key vocabulary thesaurus, bidding key library and the library industry keywords.

These free tools and methods of mining the long tail keywords you know

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