we all know why love Shanghai to launch Scindapsus algorithm 2 is the "spark plan" to support the project, or really in order to integrate the entire network environment and open to the user as the user, according to the importance of this? We may not.

in the spark plan, many webmaster in the "soft" the fall over each other to write, what to do. In order to cater to the small spider like chant, they said to respect the original, but most did not look after, the text is really soft, simply "soft" to the extreme. To this kind of soft, not advertising, but fuck too cheating, no content, no quality, no readability. Such as the three products how you let users love, even if you love Shanghai for the original judgment, immediately included, but how, just to increase the number of IP, increase the jump, reduce the conversion. So, if things go on like this, you think that search engines are not from the comprehensive factors to determine whether the value of your site? Then you begin to estimate jiwai, what my website 90% are own original, why is this fate. In a word, four words "you deserve it"! Is a complete waste of time for the user to increase your website IP, what is the use of

as you say, you just write what the contents of the article are three original, so what would the log space, ranking, but also to you do that, why the search engine does not include the contents of the log space, the problem is here, where are the personal thoughts individual mood, essays, no public taste, but the search engine doesn’t get you.

, have been misread the "spark plan"

here you start so hypocritical, social networking sites, Blog websites are not true, is a personal registration station, why included is good ah. I would like to ask you, the article you browse a eight thousand million children, unless it is creative, sympathetic and readable, this is the kingly way. So, webmaster, don’t torture your users, judge misread the search engine for the original article, the bright blind not only her eyes.


two, Scindapsus algorithm 2 virtual reality virtual reality

has recently been too busy to write something, always think things can not write, time is not sufficient, whether it is finished or still inside the ink too little or it is nothing to say. Today in the online search to find a lot of material, news source, but also did not find what I wanted to write, we feel like this kind of webmaster, want to write some creative new things to cater to small spiders, really hard. The Internet does not feel like a bit of thing, really do not know where to write too much, after all we like this kind of webmaster, write every day chewing and tasteless, repeated long winded articles, even false original also conforms to the theme of the content, or to their brains, try hard to cater to the spider and thinking user preferences.

Webmaster don’t toss your users

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