as the saying goes, "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth" in the face of us that some of the information picked up how should we use? For many webmaster, read an article in Shanghai Longfeng information if you only stay in the watch without practice, then learn all you can see are the clouds. Shanghai, the most important thing is to do, only serious data according to the steps to implement to get the effect, otherwise, only the theory without practice is stagnant.

the ranking of a website is a large part thanks to the keywords ranking. Therefore, the optimization of the key words has become an important part of our search engine optimization, of course to a keyword to bring traffic to the site, itself is very critical for the choice of keywords. But now in Shanghai Longfeng using the proliferation of the Internet era, the new owners if you want to pass the keyword and the old station to competitive ranking, it can be said that is almost impossible, so instead of the long tail word. So how should we select these long tail word? Long tail words selection, we should seize the user’s psychological, because of the long tail word is the most directly reflect the needs of users, for example, now use a lot of "what medicine reducing weight useful" so we can from the long tail word that the user is directed to weight-loss drug types and then, just point to.

just for the webmaster, Shanghai dragon is a fuzzy project, novice often ask "what is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon? What is the use of Shanghai dragon? How to operate?" and so on some basic issues. Then the face of the Internet information countless how should we select? For the novice, should be good at screening some basic information, do not to contact the Shanghai dragon learn others to adjust the structure of the site keywords, these must be down-to-earth, step by step, when you have mastered the Shanghai based Phoenix step further to explore.

brief Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization), also called the "search engine optimization", is now the webmaster using a marketing way widely, his role is to enhance the site’s ranking of keywords and optimization through the station outside the station, so that the site traffic and get profit. It is because of Shanghai dragon now use such a broad, so many owners will put some of their own experience published to your blog, some Adsense online forums, one can put their own experience to share with you out, and can also increase your exposure rate, which is a commonly used method of Shanghai dragon. So here today and I want to be the new Adsense easy to talk about the face of the Internet so much information on Shanghai dragon how we should learn and master


third: clever words instead of the long tail keywords

: good at first screening for their Shanghai Longfeng information

second: learn to combine theory and practice

The novice should be how to learn and master the six methods of Shanghai Dragon

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