on the site in HTTP code page 404 error means that link to the page does not exist, the path is the original page failure, for example: the path of change, "page file rename or move the location, link spelling error, cause the path to address the original non access method; when the Web server received a similar request. Will return a 404 status code, many websites tend to ignore the establishment of 404 pages, causing the site does not exist. After opening is a dead link, seriously affect the weight of the website.

2. database and the program error will have a dead link.

404 page is mainly to guide the user can also access other content inside the website cannot open in the link, rather than allowing users to close the window, will help to increase traffic, and is also good for, can let the spider will not stop the wrong page for crawling, page can be set 404 to improve the user experience.

website address 3. path suffix write more or less write slash.

1. a page or file exists originally, but later on this file or page is moved or deleted, which leads to the page link into a dead link.

2. site path address writing error.

1. is the user input in a domain name wrong

error link and dead link? What reason produces wrong links? Have the following reasons:

two, 404 page main function

The main function of What is the difference between

4. site path address case mismatch error would be generated links.

the dead link is how come about

three, 404 pages with the following methods:

2, can use the public 404 pages, this is very simple, as long as add code in site 404 template inside can (code in Shanghai public search 404 pages of love can be found in the 贵族宝贝yibo.iyiyun贵族宝贝/Index/web404, or this website to generate code), as shown in figure

1, on the Internet to download a 404 page template, the text links, modify, generally 404 page you download the download address jump is pointing to your site’s home page, you have to put it into their own web page to modify the 404 good FTP to the root directory. Then, the control panel in the space, 404 is arranged on the 404 page, as shown in figure

, what is the 404 page of

404 page is when the user input the wrong link, the page returned. As some of the page is deleted, the URL input error, access to the site there are 404 error page.

What is the role of the 404 site settings page

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