"51 tourism" keyword index of

website design hot topic page

"Shanghai 51 tourism area close to the long tail keywords, 51, Shanghai love index gradually increased

website optimization is different from the long tail keywords, long tail keywords is more to do with the hot, hot topic to attract users to browse the web site. Such as real-time hot events "51 holiday tourism, for tourism website, the hot topic will make the real-time web traffic to reach a small peak. According to the potential users of the topic search website, provide information to the user, to provide complete different grades of travel Raiders, were selected for different customer groups, naturally it is easy to attract users to browse.

at the same time, special topic page on the website of the will, a promotion, use social platform between users and website to reach two, the use of interactive; love Shanghai search engine itself platform for information dissemination, a hot topic of love Shanghai will release their pages (such as the sea love experience, love Shanghai know); three the site itself, optimizing the layout of the hot spot of long tail keywords, increase length >

subdivision hot topic do precise flow conversion


mining long tail keywords to obtain the corresponding flow, to think of website content can retain customers, for the use of hot topic for more traffic, to analyze the hot topics in the topic can survive long, it is necessary to design special pages corresponding hot topic before, take some time to become a hot topic, page the corresponding time required to improve operation weight. The design topic page to meet user experience, to design new innovation and retain customers, to impress clients.

website not only need home drainage, need more web pages to guide the flow of long tail keywords, long tail keywords source by users, and then obtain the corresponding flow. Select the location of long tail keywords is the webmaster of worries, what is the long tail word can attract users, but also can improve the conversion of traffic to the site, according to the author’s own operating experience, to discuss hot spot mining long tail keywords with you, add the flow corresponding to the site.

mining real-time hot topic to find hot after the long tail keywords, need more analysis on the website, hot topics, accurate segmentation positioning of the long tail keywords. The local tourism portal to improve site traffic, "51 holiday tourism" hot long tail word is not the most accurate, may "(local) * * 51 holiday tourism is more in line with potential users search, local portal site to provide more local living information, in order to make hot regional flow more precisely, the conversion rate will be higher.

The long-term operation of

hot topic mining hot words

The main keywords

Seize the hot topic for long tail keywords add traffic to the site

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