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first, speak before we must first look for images, between it and the search engine’s subtle relationship! You know for search engines, it can understand the basic meaning of characters is very good, can identify the picture and picture a simple distinction, but also unable to identify what is the picture in the content, so this time we need to pay attention to the following two points, they can be very good to help search engines to identify, understand, read the picture, then please follow on rhythm, to understand the method of web image optimization.

two, text

in the picture have added the ALT attribute of the tag, we are already well? In fact, this is just the first step of it, in addition to the ALT attribute of the tag.

ALT attribute add we need to pay attention to what can achieve the best effect of image optimization of

After 2, try to use the

Here I have to mention

this is a picture of me in "WeChat’s unique charm attracted me" are posted in the text, then the ALT attribute of the tag and what? Just click the right mouse button to view the source code, and then find the display code that picture of us at a glance, please see below:

So when the

the red arrow is part of the ALT attribute of the tag, presumably form so clear that everyone should understand.

3, should not be too long, in 20 Chinese characters within


alone, and I saw it a few days before the keyword stuffing, please do not for the layout of the keywords and silly to stack keywords, it is not rational behavior.

believes that for the vast majority of owners, should be able to understand the ALT attribute of the tag is what, if there is not the friend Never mind, please look at the picture below:

1, and the main page.

recently had a lot of friends in the QQ asked me how to do this website image optimization problem, this problem has previously asked a friend in the blog, I secretly gave him a little say a little at the time, today is here to write an article, method is simple to introduce the optimization of the site map.

page layout keywords.

in the search engine, you for the ALT attribute special add picture, this picture is for the interpretation of the content. The search engine is what is through the ALT attribute of the tag to determine the picture you speak, so for the website optimization in terms of picture ALT attribute can be said to be a priority among priorities.


, a ALT attribute in

Some small tricks website image optimization set the ALT attribute and text label

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