recently, Shanghai officially launched the "blue sky love search algorithm", a further blow to some of the news source site through the sale of contents, charge release of low quality soft, vandalism user experience.

love Shanghai anti cheating team found that there are still some news source site through the sale of soft paper, the form of directory, released a large number of low quality content, the emergence of a large number of user information in the search business, stand it. In this case, Shanghai "blue sky love upgrade algorithm", designed to combat the phenomenon of taking the news source soft interference users search, trigger "site skyline algorithm" will be cleared out of the news source, at the same time by reducing evaluation in Shanghai search in the system of punishment.

Shanghai: "blue sky love search algorithm" officially launched, to crack down on the low quality soft intrusion user


note: love Shanghai news sources which are consistent with the love Shanghai search engine seed news station standard, news sources within the site is the result of love Shanghai selection, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, in the target field has certain user awareness and a certain amount of news site.

blue sky!

love Shanghai search proposed all news source site as soon as possible to check website content, correct mistakes. In order to facilitate site self-examination, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform special news source project, site by the education website check rectification: https://zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/baidunews, being punished site cleanup related content can also be applied again to the news source, we will according to the contents of the rectification requirements to determine whether the news sources included.

commercial soft Wen promotion, for the word we should not strange, do promotion by the news source, to affect the search engine ranking show; using the news source soft false marketing, these are the love of Shanghai search area, because these elements not only affect the user experience, but also the error in the process of information dissemination the guide users of consumption decision.

address: https://zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback

in fact, in recent years, Shanghai has been in search of love through a variety of means to combat the low quality of the commercial content vandalism user experience, such as before the ice bucket algorithm, pomegranate algorithm "is through the regulation of low quality content to reduce the page, so that users can search faster and more accurate access to the information they want.

"blue sky" algorithm after the upgrade will be long lasting political such phenomena, and to the public to report the opening channel, if found news source soft selling behavior, through the Webmaster Platform news source feedback center feedback, the platform will make timely treatment according to the authenticity of the contents, but also a healthy user search search

Shanghai blue sky love search algorithm officially launched, to crack down on the low quality soft i

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